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    Good Morning - does anyone encounter headaches when weather/seasons change? I haven't had a migraine for some time and all of a sudden our weather changed and they're back again or maybe sinus again?? Our weather here in Illinois is unstabilized going from summer to fall and that has bothered me in the past?? At least my fibro has not acted up - better keep fingers crossed.
    Peace and goodwill to all........Member Pat
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    Are you talking about headaches or depression. I do have migraines. I will check the weather.. Very interesting.. Teri
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    I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing migraine from sinus from stress/tension headaches. But I am pretty sure the sinus ones are the weather related ones and there are other differences.

    I am not saying this is the hard and fast rule on headaches but this is how it seems to be for me and how I label them. I could be wrong about the type of headache it is though.

    Migraine: Feels like a tight cap pressing on my head and pressure around my temples. I feel dizzy, light really hurts my eyes and I feel very nauseaus. Nothing helps but lying down in a dark quiet room and (hopefully) sleeping. Sometimes these are preceeded by an "aura", flashing lights or colors or strange smells. Often they happen after I've been stressed about something and the stress has let up.

    Sinus: I can definitely relate these to the weather. A couple weeks ago we had a hurricane to the south and a tropical depression/storm to the north and I could feel the pressure changes in my head. These hurt behind my eyes, I have a hard time breathing through my nose, I feel congested. I do also get dizzy with these but I think it's from the pressure. They just don't feel quite the same as a migraine but they can feel just as bad. I usually don't get nauseaus unless I am really dizzy from it. Nothing seems to help these except the weather changing again.

    Stress/tension: These radiate up from my neck and seem to be an all over dull ache with neck pain. I usually don't have dizziness or nausea unless my neck is really hurting a lot. I can usually function with these if I have to, NSAIDS take some of the edge off of them. This is probably the headache I have the most.

    Cluster: These are often short pounding headaches, usually around the temples or just behind the eyes. Sometimes it's like a stabbing pain, a bit like an "ice cream headache". Fortunately, these don't last long, sometimes they do leave a dull ache for a while.

    Oh and one more, TMJ headaches. I usually wake up with these, I think it's from grinding my teeth while I sleep. I usually have a dull headache and a sore jaw. NSAIDS help a little.

    I'm not saying these are the accurate medical descriptions but this is how I label my headaches.
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    bumping to Moore......... thanks for your reply. Could you tell me what type of high quality vitamins you are taking that reduced your headaches? Thanks.
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    I get migraines when the barometric pressure drops. I know that if I've watched my diet and it's not that time of the month, my migraine is from a drop in pressure.