migrainessummer school= big problemm. rant.ish.

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    okay, so i have summer school this summer...which HOPEFULLY will allow me to continue on to be a junior in high school next year, if i have the credits.

    anyways, when i agreed to do summer school, they told me it was about..two hours for each MCAS class. {i couldn't take MCAS this year; i had to drop chem because i was too sick to go into school.}

    PLUS since my teacher never called me back, there's no way i can finish all the english work by the twenty-first.

    so, i might have to do extra summer school for english, but i'm nt sure, they might just make me stay another semester instead of graduating.

    the problem is, i just got off the med that was helping my migraines. the migraines are the absolute WORST part for me, ever. i've never been so sick as i am when i have a bad migraine, and honestly i can handle ANYTHING fibro throws at me OTHER than a migraine.

    i can't go back on the med, neurontin, because i gained 25 lbs on it, only 200 mg a day...which is really low.

    i'm just freaking out and i don't know how i'm gonna pull myself out of bed every morning to go to two, three, maybe four hours of school.

    and i can't miss a single day. not one.
    we basically had to beg them to agree to let me go to summer school in the first place,
    because "i wasn't there for long enough."

    i don't know if there's anyone here who's had problems like this with their kids, or actually have gone through it themselves but i'm going INSANE.

    i can't be held back, because my depression will get SO much worse if i'm not with my friends, ESPECIALLY because of my social anxiety disorder.

    seriously, even thinking about having to make up geometry next year has me ripping my hair out because i don't know anyone there.

    anyways, i guess this was just a rant,
    but i reallly need to either get rid of this migraine again or find a way to SLEEP at night.

    last night i only got 8 hours, which probably seems a full night to most but since i got sick last year, i've had to sleep longer and longer and now i ahve to sleep for a full 12 hours every night, 10.5 at the most, and if you try to wake me up when i've had less, i physically CAN'T MOVE. so i just drift back off to sleep after five minutes of trying to get up.

    and the school has me set up for wellness2 next year, which i know i CANNOT do, because yes, I've made some improvements, i can go out for a full TWO HOURS without getting sick, but it's still not seven hours and still feeling okay, PLUS one and a half of those hours spent running around hitting a ball.

    sorry, i'm rambling.
    i'm just really stressed about all this,
    because of my SAD, graduating on time is EVERYTHING to me.
    i don't even know if i'll be able to with just summer school,
    but i'm not gonna say no to extra credits.

    this is one of the times i absolutely loathe my friends for being healthy.
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    I take verapamil for my migraines. It's a calcium channel blocker (for high blood pressure) that helps to prevent migraines. When I do have a migraine I take a shot of Imitrex. The verapamil took my migraines from 2-3 a week to only about 4-5 a year.

    Talk to your doc about it. Maybe there is something he can do.

    God Bless.
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    have you applied for ssdi/or ssi? you can do it girl....

    also i know there was a women that posted a couple of weeks ago it seems about their child or teen having problems like you...

    and i beleive if my memory serves me correctly she knew the laws because she was a special needs teacher by a state...

    put a post out there for someone that can help a teen get rights to graduate high school....and maybe someone here on the board will remember who it was....

    the state can give you extra time to take tests etc....

    i hope i can help you some..


  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and axiety...it works similar to neurotin..

  5. dani78xo

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    i've never heard of it, but if the med my neuro has me on now doesn't work then i'll suggest it.

    and i've tried imitrex, and a thousand other things like it, relpax, zomig, etc.

    i haven't tried the shots, but i've heard they have worse side effects, and i HATE needles =x.

    i know that some laws might help, but i don't think in my case it would be acceptable.

    i first got sick last october, with a mystery virus, "mono-like" but not mono. they never figured out what it was, and i never got better.

    basically, since then, i've probably been in school in total for a full...two to three weeks, since this semester i only tried going for an hour and a half.

    for me, it's not only a problem with getting the work done {though it's certaintly part of it}, it's that i can't leave the house for more than two hours at a time, and that time SIGNIFICANTLY decreases if i'm not feeling well that day to begin with, or if i have to heavily concentrate, like in school, with extreme lighting that makes my migraine worse.

    i don't think any of the laws would help me in that case...i just have to figure out how to co ntrol the fm before i try to get help.