migranes for first time

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to see if anyone has trouble with migranes. I had two in the last month, one two days ago which landed me in urgent care on IV fluids, gravol and pain medication. If felt stronger today and then all of a sudden today the headache came back with the nausea. As well, my right kidney is aching. I feel so bad because I have I am letting my husband down and my kids. I wanted to have supper ready and my head started hurting again. I will see a doctor tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone has any trouble with migranes and any tips would be great.


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    I know a few women who suffer with migraines, and in all cases, they are hormone driven. One of them recently started HRT and hasn't had a migraine since.
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    I'm just getting over a wicked flu and it caused major migraines for me. Maybe you caught it? I had bad migraines for 2 days then they let up then the 4th day they were back with a vengeance. 2 Advils eventually worked each time, hours later.

    I know how hard it is to not be able to do the things you should do. It really sucks having these DDs.

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    I'm intrigued that you mentioned the kidney pain, because I started getting pain around my kidney after my recent migraine and I really wonder of the connection there.

    YOU ARE NOT LETTING YOUR FAMILY DOWN, that's nonsense. The illness is causing you a great difficultly, but goodness, that's not YOUR fault.

    When I get a migraine, at the first start of the pain I take one Excedrin migraine pill (which is effectively acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine) with one cup of coffee. I drink it very quickly then lie down in a dark room on the OPPOSITE side of the pain. I do not move for a couple hours, and it almost always aborts the migraine, though I may feel shaky and weak when it goes away (though this is normal for migraines).
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    Oh yes, i have major problems with migraines.

    My doctor prescribed Imitrex for migraine. This is for when it is a full blown migraine, nausea and all.

    I do take Advil Migraine gel cap ( poke hole in gel cap) to act faster . I take this to stop a full blown migraine. If i awake with the migraine i have to take the Imitrex and back to bed i go.

    I've had to go to ER also, so i have learned to treat my migraines with the remedy above.
    This is what helps me.

    I have Fibromyalgia and doc says my migraines are part of my Fibro. i have these very often so many days these migraines leave me to where i am in bed and can't function for the day.
    With you having kids, my heart goes out to you. Possibly have Grandma or someone near to take care of kids for you when these occur. Please keep me posted on what your doctor recommends, since you will see doctor today. Thanks

    Be Well
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    Wondering if your doctor gave any advice with your migraines ?

    Be Well
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    ....How different we all are. My migraines were certainly NOT helped by HRT, whereas another poster saw a decrease in migraines with HRT. I began using HRT because of hot flashes (after going into "instant menopause" from chemo for leukemia). I went from having migraines about every 2-3 weeks, to having daily migraines. So I had to go off the HRT and live with the hot flashes.

    I believe many migraines ARE hormonal for women, but not exclusively. I know barometric pressure changes have a lot to do with mine.

    I hope you got some help from your doctor. I take Maxalt for mine, and it has been a lifesaver for me. It's in the same drug category as Imitrex.

    Good luck, and hope you are feeling better by now.