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    Hello, as you know I have been a member here for a while. As time procedes changes can occur. Ther have been many posts by the both of you concerning safetey, this is a reason I Trust advise I have found here,Mikie, Shirl, PatPalmer, tansy, klutzo....others, Thank YOu. There have also been other members I have Interacted with here that have been Great Resources in My search of Health WithOut Stress as I have foud in IL Med Systen at time ( Voteing Occuring for Change-Pray). this all in consideration I have become Overwhelmed in my Routine to Live better. There are many Companies and orginizations that are out with Very Aggresive Marketing stratagies. Being Ill, I can be mislead very Easyily.Give ProHealth Is An Orginization that provides So much research and Funds for Cures I trust Advise here to be honest as much as possible given all of the Ill's exposed on a Public Board ran Privately. The question I would like reassurance on is, the listed Sites within This site and Published Material. When Approached with Caution, can I feel these are Sites the Founder of ProHealth and Team Member Rich Carson believes are Safe for those Vounerable?
    The last thing I need at this Crtical part of this Long Bumpy Road to Recovery would be to be Unknowingly mislead.
    Thanks You Both for Your Heart felt support Here, Keep us posted on Safe Navigation.

    hugs Blessings & Peace to the Both of you,
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    I assume you are speaking of the URL's which can be found in articles in the library and on the Home Page. Also, there are links like the one to Co-Cure in the Doctor Referral section.

    I have never been led to any websites which were questionable when going to any of these websites. I am sure that if anyone is concerned after visiting a webite which was recommended here, ProHealth would like to know about it.

    Considering that ProHealth is so consciencious about not posting websites here because they cannot all be checked out for content, I am sure they screen very carefully for the ones which are allowed in library articles and on the Home Page.

    If you are concerned about this, please feel free to use the link at the bottom of the page and e-mail the webmaster to ask about it.

    Again, some things you can do to protect yourself: Do not post your e-mail address here; from time to time, or every time you shut down your computer if you wish, click on Tools in the bar at the top of the page, click on Internet Options, and clear your history and delete your cookies; and use the free Spybot software to rid your computer of spyware which some websites place on your computer.

    Love, Mikie

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    Addressing an issue this concerning this so promptly is inValuable to one when this ill, you Are Truely a Saint. There maybe Others with this as a hidering fator at times, Trust is hard to Establish. Also, very Good ponit on spyWare, I for one have been bombarded latley, AOL is wonderful to have Freeware for Use. The world is Full of Predators in Sheep Skin.
    Shirl, hope U are well, or at least Comfortable.


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    Mikie, I just read another saftey tip in a post,other than spyware you said once about mouse issues whiled being hackd online. my miuse was crazy a bit ago. icouln't log back on after nap,had to unplug everything,no ez task!! do you think i was hackd?/I redid mcgaf like you said some where hereto. any other advise?
    Blessings and Peace for your help,
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    You should be fine, but if your cursor is going crazy and your mouse isn't working, it might be a clue that someone else has your username and password and is hacking your computer remotely. I don't know about AOL today, but I had heard that it used to be the easiest to hack.

    When the computer is on, the firewall protects it against being hacked, but when it is turned off, you should pull the power plug on the modem or pull the phone line from the modem or wall. When a computer is shut down is when it is most vulnerable to being hacked.

    If you believe someone has hacked into your computer, contact your internet service provider and get your username and password changed. Never give your password to anyone and do not let your computer "remember" it for you. Manually type it in every time you sign on. Use different usernames and passwords for every application, e-mail, and website you use.

    Love, Mikie

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    Sacarry!Thanks for the peace of mind, gonna get books LOL!!

    You both are blessed with inner beauty,
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    As Bek said, you need good antivirus software and it needs to be kept up to date. It can be programmed to do automatic updates and monthly system scans.

    It isn't the mouse so much as the fact that you were not able to log on that would make me suspicious of being hacked. That is how I found out for sure someone had hacked my computer. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

    Love, Mikie