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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Dec 11, 2005.

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    Miki, hope this isn't to personal if so then forgive me and ignore..I was wondering how you are doing with decreasing or stopping your klonopin..

    As you know I take xanax instead, just because that is what the doc prescribed and it seems to work..I take .25 four times a day and have cut back to .25 three times a day..My Rx calls for .05 three time a day but haven't had to take that much..Since my cut back of only 1/4 mg. I have noticed a differnece in how I feel and not for the better..

    I have found that this is the only meds I take that I can tell helps so have decided to go back to my usual dose and probably will the rest of my life as long as the doctor will give it, they keep pushing the AD's they just can't accept the fact that some people can't take them..I would love to have help with this anxiety and depression..That is so much worse when I crash and have my allergy, sinus flare ups..which is getting more and more frequent..

    Have you decided about your move yet, to be closer to the grandbaby?

    Hope you are doing better ...I have a good day now and then , then crash but getting use to it just wish my family could...

    Take care,

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    bumping for Mikie
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    I found that by cutting back to one pill (.5 mg.) I was able to go back to the Klonopin at a lower nightime dose of .75 mg. instead of the 1 mg. which I had developed a tolerance to. I found out that if we don't want to have to keep taking higher and higher doses, we have to wean down every now and then. Still, we develop tolerances to benzos at a slower rate than most meds.

    I have found that as I get better, I don't need to take the Klonopin as much during the day. I hope the day will come when I no longer need it at all but if I do, I will continue to take it and just wean down every now and then.

    I've put the move on the back burner for now. Real estate is slow, even here, and won't pick up here in FL til Jan. I may just decide to stay and weather the storms. I really need to get to where I can work part time and am trying to get well enough to do that.

    Good luck to you with the Xanax. I really think the benzos are very helpful to us.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Love, Mikie

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