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    in a post earlier today when i said i couldnt get an apt with Dr Connely, one of the nationally renown specialists...
    you made the point that actually most of the specialists are expensive and really havent helped much for most people anyways..
    well that was a relief to me in that i didnt feel as much as i was missing out...but on the other hand it got me to thinking-
    if those doctors cant/dont help most people much...who does..
    or does anyone really find much help via doctors or other places in your experience on this board??

    well i am going to actually go to bed early tonight..
    before the sun rises.
    did my sunday night sopranos and six feet under...

    until tomorrow,
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    Some here, including me, have gotten better, but it takes time and patience. Those who have improved have addressed their worst symptoms and, through trial and error, found what works best for them. It may be a physical treatment, a supplement, a prescription, or a combination.

    Those who have improved have improved their diets, eliminating a lot of carbs, most processed foods, and artificial sweetners. They also avoid things like MSG which are exicotoxins.

    Those who have improved exercise even if all they can do is 5 mins. They keep at it and work up. Some exercise is only flexing and stretching, but every bit helps.

    Finally, those who have improved have taken over the direction of their own treatment and are partners with their docs. They continue to learn about new theories, research, and treatments. This is a very important part of healing. It is very empowering. Most who have gotten better work on their bodies, minds, and spirits and they remain optimistic.

    Love, Mikie