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  1. You said...."I Consider My FMS Symptoms Reversed" so once they are reversed do you stop taking guaifensin or is it a lifetime thing?

    Also if it thins the mucus, do you think since so many of us have sinus infections/problems, maybe thats the culprit causing Fibro?
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  2. tall_mom

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    I would also like to know the answer. Thanks.
  3. Mikie

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    The Guai treatment is for life or until there is a better treatment or cure. Once you are reversed, you find your maintenance dose to keep the debris from building up again. This dose is usually at least 600 mgs. a day, which may be the same dose you are on to begin with. I do well on 800 mgs. a day. When my allergies are bothering me, I can take up to 2400 mgs. a day to help with the mucus. Because I am reversed, this will not cause a Guai flare for me.

    Being reversed, at least in my case, doesn't mean I never have any pain at all in the tender spots. If I get injured, sick, or just really run down with my ME/CFS, I can have some pain. It is rare but it happens. I believe this is because our tender spots continue to be vulnerable for quite some time until they are completely healed after the debris is removed. I liken this to when I had viral meningitis. For several years after it was gone, if I got injured, sick, or run down, the pain and stiffness in my neck would come back, but not as acutely.

    I don't know whether there is anyone else here who considers him- or herself reversed, so I can only relate my own experience. The Guai message board may have more people to ask about this. I have a feeling that once people are reversed, they don't tend to be online as much.

    Regarding the mucus: I have always believed that there is more to the Guai's healing powers than just removing the phosphate debris. I believe we have mucus deposits in our bodies, particularly the sinus cavities and respiratory systems, in which pathogens can hide from our immune systems. Once the mucus is cleared out, the pathogens are more exposed to our immune systems and, if our immune systems are strong enough, they can attack the pathogens. We do seem to have a high percent of people with both FMS and mucus-related conditions.

    Another hiding place for pathogens is fibrin overgrowth, which is another common condition for us. This hypercoagulation can harbor pathogens in the fibrin networks in our bloodstreams. These networks trap platelets in them. This can cause a paradoxical situation in which one has both hypercoagulation and bleeding tendencies because the platelets, needed to clot wound sites, cannot get to the wounds. The Guai does have a slight blood thinning characteristic. It's not as strong as aspirin but, perhaps, it's just enough to help with the hypercoagulation. This may help explain the severity of some people's Guai flares. When pathogens are exposed, even to a very sick immune system, it can trigger an immune response. This, in itself, helps to get the immune system back on track sometimes.

    As I've mentioned, I'm not a medical professional and this is my own personal theory. What I do know is that if it were not for the Guai, I would likely still be bedridden most of the time and on higher and higher doses of opiates for the pain.

    Right now, I am in remission, including my ME/CFS. I have been busy doing things which went to hell in a handbasket while I was in the Red Tide flare. I recovered from that faster than I ever have before. I think a lot of my problems in the last year were due to my sick gallbladder which kept my body in a continual state of inflammation and infection until it was removed. This is why I think it's vital that we have any new symptom checked out and not just assume it is related to our conditions.

    Well, y'all know I can't just give a quick answer to questions like this. Forgive my writing "War and Peace" here. I hope this isn't too much info. If so, print it out and read it later. Just don't take it as gospel because I'm only guessing at the second question.

    Love, Mikie
  4. clerty

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    us for questions LOL!!!
    I was in my local chemist today educating the pharmacist on the protocol howevr I had no luck getting Guai I am waiting on my order I wish it would hurry Up I am dying to get started!!!

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It takes time and commitment but, as you can see, it has certainly been worth it to me.

    Love, Mikie
  6. I am so glad it has helped you, I just bought some and starting yet again. I did feel better when I was on it. You are our expert on guaif. treatment.
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Jude is really our expert. She knows far more than I do about the treatment. I've just been amazingly lucky to have had the protocol work so well for me. I've also been on it longer than most and do consider myself reversed.

    Best of luck to you. Keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Kayleen

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    Just to update....4 years later I am still taking Guifensen DM. I tried to stop it, just in case it might be harming my kidneys or liver...but the pain came back. My blood tests are still good..so I stand by the DM. 1 in the morning does it. Make sure it's the 600 mg/30dm.&lt;BR&gt;
    Frequence Specific Microcurrent also helps and I use a infrared sauna to detox.&lt;BR&gt;
  9. Kayleen

    Kayleen New Member

    Nope. ...nothing. I think it's the combination that makes the difference. I have tried each ingredient by itself and it does not work. You must detox some way like in an infrared sauna.&lt;BR&gt;
    And make sure you are not full of yeast. Eliminate anything with artificial sweetners, except stevia. Diet drinks especially! Eliminating white bread and sugar will also help...but I really do eat about anything.

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