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    or two.
    But first, are you feeling any better than you were. I hope you are showing some improvment.

    From some of my resent blood work it looks like I have, mycoplasma pneumoniae, HHV6, and EBV. I have not talked to the Dr. yet. I have an appontment next Monday with Dr. Whighman from The Los Angeles FFC.

    What I was wondering, when you were treating your mycoplasma infections and what ever viruses you have, what did you start taking first? ABX or Transfer Factor.

    When I talked to my Dr. last he said something about putting me on transfer factor once we knew what one I would need.

    I'm thinking, ABX first to kill off the heavy load and then transfer factor to help my immune system go in for the clean up.

    I tried to go back over some of your old posts, but oh my, there are just to many.

    Thanks for your help,

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    The protocol for mycoplasmas is six months on the ABX and they pulseing them, two weeks off, six weeks on. At the time, I didn't know about the TF's or I might have tried them later on. ProHealth has a TF which targets mycoplasmas but only your doc can order it. He would have to call.

    I think using ABX and/or AV's first to lower the load is a good idea. The TF's are very effective and produce some strong immune reactions and Herxes. It helps if the meds have reduced the loads first. This is how the Brewer Protocol is done. The Heparin treatment to get rid of the hypercoagulation from fribrin overgrowth helps the other treatments to work at lower doses. It is typically done for six months.

    You can find the protocol for treating the mycoplasmas at Dr. Garth Nicolson's website, Immed. You can find info on the Heparin at the HEMEX Lab website. I don't remember the website, but the full name is Joseph Brewer. If you do a search, you should be able to find his protocol on dealing with stealth infections.

    The HEMEX website tells how to get the ISAC panel for hypercoagulation. If you have a very low Sed Rate, it may be an indication that you have hypercoagulation. Mine was down to a 1 at one point. It is now 7. Like the TF's, the Heparin can produce a strong immune reaction as the pathogens lose their hideouts and are dumped into the bloodstream.

    So, basically, I believe in doing the ABX and/or AV's first with the Heparin and then switching to the TF's. A number of the docs believe that taking the TF's for three months is sufficient if one pulses them for a couple of days every four to six weeks after the initial three months. That is what I did and it seems to work well for me.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for the info. I have an appointment with the Dr. from the FFC on Monday. I am concidering at this point, to find a Dr. closer to home.

    My son has been sick, he is 22 and just went on disability. It is so sad for me to see this. Anyway he had been going to our PCP and at my request has had allot of the same blood work done as me. His tests are comming back looking allot like mine. I can't affort to pay for him to go to the FFC with me. So I'm thinking about finding a Dr for both of us that takes our insurance.

    Mikie, my tests for hypercoagulation came back good. So thats one thing I don't need to treat.

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    I tested positive for the same infectous agents as you have.

    Mycoplasma, EBV, & HHV-6. Negative for CMV, chlamydia, & lyme (only tested by Quest - not the good Lyme testing).

    I started the Heparin in May and have been taking 6000 units 2x/day. 4 weeks after beginning Heparin I took Lumbrokinase (a fibrin eliminating enzyme) for 8 weeks. I did herx with just this protocol indicating that some infectous agents were being uncovered.

    About 7 weeks ago I came off of the Lumbrokinase and started the Transfer Factors. And today I just started Vibramycin (doxycycline) 100mg 3x/week.

    I'm not sure why my MD started TF's first, but he cautioned me that the Herx reaction may be much worse if I started the abx too soon. I was very anxious to start the abx. But I was feeling pretty crummy (fluish) since starting the TF's. I have been feeling better for about a week and so it was probably a good idea to wait.

    I'll be interested to see how your appt goes...

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    I think discussion of infections, hypercoagulation, and the treatment options is very helpful. Different docs have their own ideas about which should come first, ABX and/or AV's versus the TF's.

    I didn't know about the TF's when I started treating the mycoplasmas with the Doxycycline. It wasn't until about a year after that that I discovered Famvir. It was a year and a half after that that I discovered the heparin treatment. So, I did not do the treatments in the order that is often prescribed. Still, everything seemed to have worked fine. I think the important this is that we rid our bodies of these pathogens which continue to infect us.

    I declared war on the pathogens and like a good general, I attacked with a variety of weapons at my disposal. In addition, I fortified my own immune system while ridding my body of the nasty beasties. Stealth pathogens are like sleeping terrorist cells in our bodies. They can attack us seemingly at will if we let down our guard.

    Love, Mikie
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    I so agree with you Mikie. I'm so encouraged about the progress that I have made and so optimistic about further improvement.

    I think you're right too in that it matters most to address the infectous agents and the hypercoagulation whatever order works out.

    In retrospect my titers were higher for virus' than for mycoplasma so maybe that's why he started me on TF's first.

    I'm also seeing that's it's important to avoid allergens while trying to build the immune system as well. I'm intolerant of both milk & soy protein. A couple of weeks ago I got a little sloppy with my diet and allowed myself to indulge in both over several days. I ended up with a monster cold sore. I'm pretty sure I overloaded my immune system.

    Allergens can also trigger the coagulation cascade that is common in many of us.

    Love & Light to all, Laurie
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    Ralph has seen good results with the NAET treatments for allergies. I know I am allergic to wheat. I no longer buy bread and only eat the occasional piece of pizza. I avoid processed foods as they are full of things which can cause problems. Many contain MSG, sometimes disguised under a different name.

    I know when the Red Tide is here without having to read about it in the paper. I stay inside as I am very allergic to it. It is also a neurotoxin, so it is bad stuff.

    A cold sore is always an alert to me that my system is in overload.

    Love, Mikie