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    I just wanted you to know that I always appreciate you checking up on me and how I am doing. I did lower my dose after my last post when we concurred that possibly dose I was on was too high of a dose. I am committed to walking this protocol through although I must say my relatives are seeming to get frustrated with me. They feel I should have seen some incredible results by now. They obviously don't remember just how very long I have been in pain....funny how only the one in pain remembers that part :)....I am grateful that my PCP is letting me use oxycontin as it has brought about a little bit more relief.I don't ever expect to be pain free....not sure I would know what that feels like anyhow after so many years!:)......I wanted to get mapped and that is why I am trying this chiro.If he doesn't seem to have a clue I will try and find a massage therapist or someone else who knows how. I think that at this point for me, I really need to see by a mapping what is going on in my body. The fatigue is getting to me now as I can barely make it to 3pm when I lay down before starting dinner. I am trying to get paperwork and info together concerning mycoplasmas. I have genital herpes and although I know it is the HHV6 that is being talked about I cant help but wonder about the genital since it lies dormant and then rears its ugly head and then goes dormant again. Actually I have had outbreaks consistantly each month for over 2 years now...it didnt use to be that often.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and hey ......you are looking GREAT! of course, your real beauty has always shown through any wrinkle we could see but now the world gets the whole thing.....inside and out! Keep us posted as we all care for you so much!
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    I appreciate the update. I am more and more thinking that it is the Herpes-family viruses which are making many of us so sick. The fact that your outbreaks are closer together would appear to indicate that your immune system is really being overwhelmed right now. Have you taken any of the anti-viral meds like Valtrex or Famvir?

    I have never been completely without pain. It's just that after almost two years on the Guai, the pain is at a level I can live with without opiods. I'm glad the oxy is helping you. Opiods are really the only alternative when pain gets that great. I couldn't have handled mine without the Morphine. If I take OTC meds now, it will decrease the pain to nearly nothing, but a lot of the OTC stuff is really hard on the liver, so I just let it go.

    My doc told me that the constant pain messages in the brain contribute to our fatigue and cognitive problems. I think he is right. It probably also overwhelms our immune systems. We are always between a rock and a hard place, choosing the least of two evils (how's that for using two metaphores in one sentence?). I can achieve being pain free, but at what cost to my liver with the OTC drugs? I choose to ignore the nagging pain and only use opiods when I really need them.

    I hope you start feeling better and that reducing the dose helps. Our families just don't understand the Guai treatment in most cases; geez, it's hard enought for us to understand. Take care of yourself.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have had chiropractic care since my back surgery in 1987 and I wouldn't be without one because of the pain relief they can achieve with the various manipulation they can do. If I were to go to a regular doc, they would only prescribe muscle relaxants and pain meds, which never really helped.When I have a sore muscle neck, shoulder, or lowback I have always gotten relief within 1 or 2 visits at the most. My problems with my body have always involved musculoskeletal problems and adrenal stress.I can hardly remember when I haven't hurt somewhere to some degree but if I had a really bad spasm the chiro is who I see.
    The other neat thing is that they usually have massage therapists who many times have special training in trigger point therapy and they can really feel the muscles even maybe better than a chiro. I had my map done by such a therapist, and I only use the chiro for adjustments. I know there are alot of horror stories out there about" bone crunchers", but I have not met one yet. I have moved several times in the past 25 yrs and have always found a good chiro. Good luck in your search for the pain relief and search for health. Love Nancy
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    Our Toyota dealership has a massage therapist who gives free chair back massages while you wait for your car while it's in the service dept. Of course, I tip her. She is great at releasing the toxins which build up in my shoulders and back on the right side.

    This dealership also serves free lunch every weekday and has phone lines for laptops while you wait. You needn't even have your car in for service to avail yourself of any of these services.

    Love, Mikie
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    Please do not have chiropractic adjustments if you have bone spurs...it could cripple you for life.
    They are great at putting vertebrae back in place though.