mikie ? about klonopin dosage

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    hi mikie,

    i am currently taking generic brand of klonopin...

    i first started out at the .5 mg per night...

    then i have found that doesn't do it for me so they increased it to 1.0 mg at night before bed....

    i have tried to just take the .5 per night again tonight...i know i should be sound asleep in bed, but doesn't seem to have that affect on me...so now i will go get the tablet....

    i only started taking this in april mid that is...my body quickly built up a tolerance for it...

    it did cut down on my major muscle spasms and the burning on my skin...

    i just try so darn hard to follow dr's order....what is the most you had to get up to for your nightly dose?

    and are you still trying to wean yourself off from it as well....?

    were yoy having any side effects from the klonopin?

    well i am just trying not to call the psychiatrist again...to increase it...

    i know i am not exercising like i should be..but you know how it is when you have neuropathy etc.....

    but i still need to do it ...i used t love doing it..

    is their a max on the klonopin that anyone shoud ever be on?

    should i just try the actual brand named klonopin opposed t the generic brand?

    thank you if you get this post.


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    What I was told was that the usual dose for bedtime is 1 mg. but I started off with .5 mg., went to .75 mg. and finally to 1 mg. where I've been for almost five years now.

    I can cut up the tablets and place 1/4 of a .5 mg. tablet under my tongue for symptoms during the day. I seldom have to do that anymore but I keep these pieces with me just in case. Used to be that I could barely stand to eat out in a restaurant or go shopping without it.

    Several times, I've tried to wean down and when I get down to .75 mgs. at night, I start having daytime symptoms. I've decided that, while I'm getting better, I still need this med at night. I do believe that at some point, if I can continue to heal, that I'll be able to go off the Klonopin altogether. In the meantime, I hope Cheney is right and that the Klonopin is protecting my brain.

    So, to answer your question, I don't think it's so much that I quickly built up a tolerance but rather that until I got to 1 mg., I wasn't at the proper dose for me. One mg. is not a high dose. You might try cutting the tablets and taking .75 mg. before going straight to 1 mg.

    One thing I have found is that by periodically weaning down, I do not build a tolerance and have been able to stay at 1 mg. for such a long time. Many here have been on the same dose for years.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    i didn't think about sticking some under my tongue during the day....

    i have anxiety as well...and somtimes...i can not controll my thoughts...over and over again in my head,,,

    lately it is the ex-hubby is going to be getting the child support modification to pay more $$$...but he is making nearly 40.00 an hour as his 5th year apprenticship has ended...

    i was hoping he made the journeyman pay rate....but he got himself laid off for about a year...conviently...easy to do when you are in a union....don;t like the job you just don't go into work...

    then he was apt manager...and working in the security business int he bars...the topless ones...anyways money galore...that is all it is..the rest is dirty and so it money,,..

    sorry to ramble but anyways..

    thank you for the tip...i feel it does help me with the extra sensitivity to noise...

    thank you again..