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    Hi Dear one,
    Well, I am still suffering so much with the pain. I spent last 2 days in bed because my hips hurt so much(along with everything else). I found it interesting that pain doctors were the ones that those who responded to me had the best experience with. MY pain doctor(yes, I have the choice of one where I live)does not use drugs and convinced my husband that what I needed was mental help and he suggested I go to an in patient clinic place. Great huh! Let us not forget that I waited 2 hours in waiting room and 45 minutes in a gown for him. I was shaking in so much pain by the time he entered that I was near tears. He then asked me all the questions I had already answered in paperwork and after just 15 minutes declared there was nothing he could do and that i needed to go to LA to an inpatient place for multi care. Great! My husband was so taken by this doctor that he believes what he says......that my childhood and suppressed whatever is causing my pain. This, of course, has just added to an already in trouble marriage. My husband is a very angry person and the stress in our home is well...on the high side. He wants me to get a referral to another doctor who knows about FM and can fix me! Period. He thinks I somehow enjoy this. My pcp takes 3 months to see from one appt. to the next. He is at a loss of what to do with me .....he is letting me try the guai though. My husband wants every test known done on me that is why I asked. OH my, so sorry, I really was just going to ask you how to find their #s.I went to doctor list but I do not know what state they are in. Could you point me in the right direction(again). Thanks for your time as always...Kathleen
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    Geez, I'm so sorry for your horrible experience. I usually recommend that when calling a pain specialist, one finds out what types of treatments he or she uses. What good is a pain specialist who won't prescribe pain meds? It just makes no sense.

    Now, to your question. It may be because I'm very tired this morning, but I'm not sure I understand what list of docs you are referring to. I have used the Anywho and 555-1212 websites to find phone numbers, but I don't know whether one needs the state or if the site will search the entire U.S.

    Please forgive me, as my memory sucks right now, so I may have forgotten part of a former discussion we had or it may just be my fatigue this morning.

    Love, Mikie