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    In an earlier thread I mentioned something about colostrum.
    I know from being a lactation consultant that human colostrum (1 teaspoon has more white blood cells than blood). What kind are you on cow or goat? Do you know of any studies with human colostrum?
    I know they have done studies with teens and EBV or low immune systems, I will look here in my books for the info, but wondered if you have any info off hand.

    How is it working for you. I am going to inquire about human colostrum since it is made for humans, I know the cell value and compounds would be different than that of a cow or goat.

    Just curious about this. It interests me very much!

    Thank you!
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    You nut!

    Don't even say that!!!!
    This world would be so empty without you! Needs more Dead Heads don'tcha think?

    I will be thinking GOOD thoughts about you ! post and let me know how it's going!

    I'll get the info!
    Jewel :)
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    And it is a bovine product. Many of the human growth stimulators and immune-enhancing products are bovine. I just make sure that none of them come from the UK. If you go to the store and look up any of their products, there is info on them.

    My Mom remembers on the farm that if calves could not nurse right away and get the mother's colostrum, they would usually die soon after birth. Of course, that was before cattle were being shot up with steroids and antibiotics.

    Love, Mikie