Mikie, about the two guai's.

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    Hi Mikie. Sorry you haven't been feeling well lately. ARe you doing better? I see PH is selling two forms of guai now. I thought those of us doing the guai protocol were supposed to use long acting but in the catalog I see the short acting is called GUAI FM. Is it also for the St. Amand protocol??? I guess it wouldn't be called Guai Fm if it wasn't. Do you have any experience with this?? It certainly is a better price. Also some people may want to know the short acting is dye-free.

    Any one else using the short acting guai who can share their experience?? Beckster
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    I don't get to this board as often so just now saw your post.

    Several are going to try the cheaper fast acting Guai, but the St. Amand protocol does call for the long acting form.

    I suspect the Guai will work in the short acting for but possibly not quite as well. Becuase the kidneys are continually functioning, there needs to be a constant source of Guai available for them. I don't know how long the Guai stays in the system so I don't know how often one would need to take the fast acting stuff to assure continual excretion of the debris.

    Also, fast acting meds dump into the system all at once, so I would assume one could have some nasty Guai flares unless one adjusted the dose accordingly.

    It will be interesting to see what the results will be when people try the fast stuff.

    Love, Mikie