mikie, about vaccines?

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    Hi mikie

    I've read with great interest your info on micoplasma and the salk polio vaccines.

    In your research have you come across typhus a& b. These were the vaccines that gave me real problems, especially the booster at 13. These, and two nasty viruses, one flu-like the other mumps which I had very badly (unusual for me before this time) that set off some problems. This is when ibs set in, as well as sinus and throat problems. These appeared on and off until CFS set in have been permanent since then.

    There was a microbe in sea which caused fevers and earaches, I was particularly susceptible to this so wore special soft rubber earplugs most of the time. There was also raw sewage in the sea, I was always swimming and snorkelling, this was the med where there are no tides. Then this same sewerage was used to grow local produce, my mother was advised to wash everything in potassium permangeranate. As an adoloscent I of course had no real respect for these precautions.

    My mother's convinced these are relevent. If like you I decide to try and treat these without expensive tests I need to have some ideas as to what we are looking for. I know there's a virus (es) involved too but haven't sussed that one yet.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    You know, the more I hear about the things which may have triggered people's illnesses, the more I realize how much we don't know about the causes or treatments for us. What I do know is that most of us, if not all of us, have chronic infections, some of them so stealth that most tests do not turn them up. Whether these infections actually trigger our illnesses or whether they are infections of opportunity remains to be seen. For me, it is academic at this point. I care desperately about healing and I am convinced that unless we treat these infections, we cannot heal.

    There are two approaches that people take. Some get tested for as many different types of infectious agents as possible and then treat according to the results. There are two problems with this approach. One, these sophisticated tests are expensive and two, they often return false negative results. PCR DNA tests are usually the only reliable way to test for many of these infections. The blood must be handled carefully and the tests done very quickly. The advantage is that one knows what one is fighting and treatments can often be better tailored to the infectious agent.

    The approach my doc and I chose to take was the empirical approach. Since we knew that it was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my illness, or which was an infection of opportunity when I was very stressed out over my divorce, we decided to just try the Doxycycline and see what happened. I had a major Herx and then some of my symptoms went away. Aha! A viable treatment.

    Discovering that I had a chronic or reactivated Herpes-family virus was purely accidental. The Famvir given to me for facial surgery caused a complete remission, getting rid of the symptoms which the Doxy had not. Instead of running expensive tests, again, we decided to go the empirical route. I am experimenting with doses of the Famvir to see if we can replicate the remission.

    This approach is like stabbing in the dark, trying to hit something. The thing is that it's better than doing nothing, and I am getting better over time, with a few relapses now and then.

    I have heard from only several here who have gone to the special clinics run by experts in our illnesses who have gotten significantly better. I guess that's why I tend toward the empirical approach. If, after I've found the right dose of Famvir, been on it and the Doxy for a while, and not gotten well, I may go through more extensive testing.

    I wish you luck with your treatment. I really don't have any suggestions other than to do a lot of research and present what you find to your doc(s). Find a doc who is adventuresome and willing to treat the patient and not just the lab tests. At the same time, try to get good sleep, treat the pain, eat well, and take supplements like ImmunePlex or ImmunePro and collostrum to help build the immune system back up. I also can't say enough good things about my zapper. It can't dig down into the cells to kill stealth pathogens, but once they show up in the bloodstream in search of new cells to invade, the zapper gets them. It stops colds dead in their tracks, so I never have setbacks due to colds and other infectious viruses which are making the rounds.

    Above all, remain optimistic. Believe with all your heart that there are things which will help you. Don't get discouraged if something fails to help; just keep going.

    Love, Mikie
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    Deep down I knew my DD was related to infections that just would not go away but you know what most docs think of that. So it's been so exciting not only to learn of these but that board members are actually benefitting from treating them.

    Problem as you know is the longer we're ill the more that subsequently goes wrong too so we can't see the wood for the trees.

    Whilst getting this straighter in my head I have been addressing the things over which I knew I could do on my own, ie the candida that got out of control again, leaky gut, ibs, more dietary changes, natural hrt etc, and now starting to address hypercoagulation. I do believe sujay and jellybelly when they say you need to break the fibrin down to get at these critters, it just fits so well with my experiences to date. I'm also getting my cortisol level checked after some bad reactions to the heat, my aim is to give my body the best chances to do it's job. Whether I use medical or natural treatments for these infections I don't know yet, a lot will depend upon my GPs support and whether the funding health trust will allow long term antibiotics/virals. I did get the test for heliobacter done, if it's not that then there's something else there, I know it's not just candida or allergies.

    I'm actually taking it fairly slowly, my body has not coped with challenges for over 20 years so that's why I'm taking it one step at a time. If I look at my progress short term it doesn't seem much but over several months at time it's there and I did finally halt the rapid downward spiral I'd got into. That feels good and helps me stay positive.

    I won't give up, never beleived that there was nothing, just had problems sourcing what I needed and then understanding the implications.

    Thank you for all your info and for having being so tolerant of my sloooow brain.