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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by justlooking, Aug 25, 2006.

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    I'm very interested in the name of the coffee maker you talked about. My husband has been bugging me to buy a new one to match our remodeled kitchen. He says it must be stainless steel, he's not happy with my old white Mr. Coffee, but it has been a good one for many years.

    Anyway when I say your post about the Cuisinart one it sounded perfect (the fresh grind and then auto making my morning coffee) so I went to Amazon to check them out and there are SO many. I like to buy things others have had good results with, so if you don't mind sharing the model information I can take a look and see if that particular one fits my needs and if not I'll keep looking.

    Thanks in advance!

    BTW if anyone else has ideas please share! =-)

    Oh and I'm looking for one that brews a pot of coffee not a singular cup only[This Message was Edited on 08/25/2006]
  2. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    board moving fast today
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  4. sisland

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  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The Cuisinart Grind & Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, DCC-590 Series. The front is stainless steel and the sides are black plastic. The pot is a thermal stainless steel caraffe. It's very sleek looking.

    I think retail is around $199 but most stores sell it for $180. On sale, it's $149. I got mine for $99 at Costco.

    The advantages are that the coffee is so good when it's freshly ground. You can use ground coffee in it too but it's not as good. You can remove the caraffe while it's brewing to pour a cup. You can program it to turn on automatically.

    The disadvantages are that it only makes 10 cups at a time. Also, there is no heat source under the thermal caraffe. This means that you should put very hot water in the caraffe to sit a few minutes and then pour it out before making the coffee. It helps the coffee stay warmer longer. You can't do that when you use it on auto brew. If you don't let your coffee sit around for long, it's not a problem. I don't like coffee that sits around in a glass pot with the burner scortching it anyway.

    Finally, you really need to take it apart each time you use it and clean the grinder and basket assembly. If you try to grind beans a second time, it will work fine but not quite as well as the first go round with a clean grinder. The grinder assembly gets oil from the beans on it. Some of the beans and ground coffee in the second go round will stick to the assembly.

    I live alone and usually make only six cups, which is about three regular sized cups, so this machine works great for me. I love it.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  6. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    thank you jeanne and sisland for the bumps!!

    Thank you Mikie and GeorgiaC for the information and seal of approval on the coffee maker.

    thanks for adding the extra stuff on there, like the disassembling and hot water, those things are really important to me.
    I don't like coffee that sits for a long time either. I like to drink a cup or two in the morning, one before I drive the kids to school and one when I get back and get on the computer, so I am interested in it being able to stay warm for 30 minutes or so after it is first made. Also I like to put it all in the maker the night before so I can just pop the switch while I brush my hair and teeth and make my bed, then go back 5 minutes later and have it all ready to go.
    Also all the assembling may mean too much work for me. I'll have to take a look at that model on Amazon and compare it to the other similar ones. Maybe a built in grinder will be too much work to keep clean, I already have one that I rarely use (it just seems like so much work at times and it is an automatic grinder not a hand grinder UGH how pathetic am I LOL)
    The aestetics sound perfect though!! Would match perfectly with the kitchen, guess I'll have to check them out and go from there.

    thanks again for the information and response!
  7. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    Have you tried the new single serving coffee makers? We purchased a Keurig B50. It makes great coffee one cup at a time. What is really great is that each person may prefer their coffee differently and you can since you made each cup individually you can have different coffees.

    I usually start with French Roast (bold), and then a flavored coffee like Rainnut Forest of Wild Blueberry. The coffee is really good. My husband has different ones that he enjoys.

    I ordered mine online and got free shipping.

    Now that I typed this I just saw your edit and that you are not interested in this type of unit. Sorry but I will send in the post in case someone else is.
  8. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    for your response. I actually edited it immediately after I wrote it this morning because single serve wasn't really an option for me but you're right others may benefit from your information....so thanks for posting it.

    Have a great day!
  9. bigmh

    bigmh New Member

    And love it! Mine is just a regular coffee maker, but has the thermal pot. Just don't put the pot into the dishwasher. My daughter has one, too, and her roommate put it into the d/washer and it now has water between the outside and inside thermos. Ugh. Otherwise, it is a terrific coffee maker!

    Blessings, Ann
  10. StephieBee

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    I own a Cuisinart coffee maker also. So do my parents.

    They seem to make the best coffee.

    I have the Coffee-on-Demand model. It brews the coffee in a compartment up at the top of the machine, and the coffee is stored in the compartment also. There are no carafes.

    When the coffee is done you put your cup under the top of the machine and press down a button that dispenses the coffee. It is by far the best one I have gotten.

    It is made of stainless steel. i got mine and Bed Bath and Beyond. It retails for $100 there but if you have a 20% off coupon you can get it for $80.

    A very sleek looking machine!

  11. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    for keeping the ideas coming. I LOVE coffee and want to make a good purchase, not one I'll regret so those of you who have good coffeemakers and would suggest a good one I would love to hear it.

    thanks again
  12. eeyoreblue02

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    I also have the Cuisinart. It was purchased for me as a gift Christmas of 2004. It has been used almost daily since then and is wonderful.

    I have the white one. I would love to have the stainless steel one, but I would never look a gift horse in the mouth!

    You will not be disappointed with the Cuisinart. Grinding my own beans is something I look forward to every day. Coffee is the only vice I have so I try to make it a really good one!

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Than using a separate grinder, even if it is automatic. I used to do that and gave up and started using ground coffee.

    I may have made this sound like more work than it actually is. I always rinse out the caraffe and lid (it keeps the coffee hot for at least 30 mins). It's much easier than cleaning a glass pot. I have always rinsed out the basket, so that is nothing new for me. I just think it's good to remove the grinder, it comes out easily, and rinse it out before using it again. If one is going to use it right away, one should wait to wash it until it can completely dry before using it again. The second grind, if it isn't washed, is just not quite as complete as the first because some of the coffee sticks to the oil from the first grind. It's not much and doesn't affect the taste of the second pot.

    I did have one of those types, not a Cuisinart, which brews and stores the coffee in the body of the coffeemaker. It had a bar to press the cup against to dispense the coffee. It was great but didn't grind the beans and didn't last very long. Everyone else I know who bought one also had it break within about a year or so.

    This is the first coffeemaker I have ever had which makes coffee that tastes as good as what I buy at an expensive coffee store.

    Love, Mikie
  14. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    Thanks for the info. It appears everyone who has a Cuisinart coffee maker is happy with it. Guess I need to check them out soon.

    You didn't talk me out of that model, it was actually helpful information. I too went from Whole Bean to ground as a result of finding my grinder to be too much hassle but now-a-days everything feels like a hassle to me LOL
    I'm still going to get to Amazon this week and check it all out....

    I'll let all of you know if you sold me on Cuisinart =-)

    Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to respond to my post, I really appreciate it!!

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    BTW, the Cuisinart has a three-year repair or replacement warranty instead of the usual one year. My last coffeemaker just barely outlasted the one year. I'm glad I got it on sale at a much reduced price.

    Love, Mikie
  16. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    I didn't notice your additional reply until today. I have been knocked down for a couple of weeks from a bad cold and stress (who knew getting the kids BACK to school would be so stressful LOL).

    I haven't even had the chance yet to explore everyones suggestions here but came back today to write everything down and get started looking and noticed your additional info.

    As always, I appreciate everyones info and Mikie thanks for always going the extra mile, I appreciate that.

    Hope you are feeling better, I noticed some recent posts where the tide was getting to you. Get some rest!

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I hope you feel better too. When the Red Tide is gone, I will start to feel better. The big joke on me is that while I've been on the gb diet, I've had to give up coffee! I'm going to add things back in, one at a time. Coffee is first on the list.

    Love, Mikie

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