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    I am kind of excited and had to tell you. Mikie I know you have mentioned it to me before about the klonipin but never had a Doc who would even think about it. But the newer Doctor in my Doctor's office and i sat today and really had a good talk. I told him that i am truly flustrated that nobody will keep me in one spot and help to work with me on my Fibro. he said I will. We will get you some trazadone and klonipin and see if it is helping any in three weeks. he said we know there is no cure for Fibro and need to just treat the symptoms here. Yahoo!!!

    Mikie could you tell me how to find the article on klonapin because my Doc wants to read about this for his other patients. I think he is going to really work with me on things here and be open for experimental things.
    Thank you,
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    I'm soooooo happy for you. I could post the article here, but if you go to the library and do a search on Klonopin, you will find Dr. Cheney's article. When you open it, look at the top of the page and it will let you click on Printer Friendly Text. Then, just print as you normally would and it will not pick up all the colored stuff along the margins.

    Go really slowly with the Klonopin as many people are very sensitive to it in the beginning. The dose Cheney recommends is 1 mg. (2 tablets) at bedtime and another tablet during the day. I think starting out with 1/2 of a tablet is a good idea to start and slowly build up. You want to take the smallest dose which will allow 7-8 hours of quality sleep without drowsiness during the day. Also, the dose would probably be smaller if you are taking other meds to help with sleep.

    I cut my tablets in quarters and slip them under my tongue mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I only take 1 1/2 tablets at bedtime and am trying to reduce it to 1 1/4 tablets. I carry quartered tablets in my purse so that if I get in a stressful situation which overloads my senses, I can dissolve it under my tongue and it almost immediately addresses the problem.

    Klonopin seems to work better the longer one takes it. It is now believed that it helps with pain by disrupting pain signals in the brain. As you know, it has enabled me to get quality sleep, done away with anxiety/panic attacks, and greatly decreased sensory overload, muscle spasms, and tinnitus.

    Benzos do produce physical dependence and must be very slowly weaned off of if you ever need to quit taking the Klonopin. There are a lot of people who have been taking the same dose for years for sleep and have not built a tolerance to it nor become addicted to it.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    What good news! I love hearing when someone finds a doc who is willing to work with them. Talk a about a giant step. Happy for you. -Karen
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    I appreciate your advice about Klonopin. I haven't made it yet to the pharmacy but will be doing that today. It is just a relief to finally have a Doc who will listen and will do anything to help. I love the idea that I finally found someone that will be open minded to at least try new things and wants to learn about research on Fibro. He really is a great Doc. I have been seeing him for awhile for my migraines and this is the first time he and I have discussed my Fibro. he said you have just been thrown around so much here it is crazy. And Like he said too you are very complex. You have severe side effects to meds so it makes it even more difficult to treat your symptoms but i feel if we work "together" we can get you on a better track then where your at now.

    What a relief to have someone I can trust to not throw me away again.
    Thank you for the advise and the responses.