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    I read an interesting story today in the L.A. Times about an old run down houseboat that a lady bought and reworked it into a charming residence in a local chi chi harbor. If you go to L.A. Times and type in this: Budget design, small-space solutions anchor houseboat makeover

    It should bring you to the photo and the story. I think that would be really cool living on a houseboat. When we were first married and needing furniture we bought some nice pieces from a couple who were selling their furniture and moving to their boat.
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    I would love to live on a houseboat. I love being on the water. And just to be able to pull up the anchor and go for a trip in your "house" would be wonderful.

    I remember a movie with Sophia Loren I watched as a young girl. It was my first exposure to a houseboat and I never forgot it. Hmmm...do you think that in my subconscious I think I might turn into that beautiful, young Sophia Loren if I only had a houseboat? LOL
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    Hi SG, Is this one of those small world stories? The couple that sold you the furniture included the same
    lady that redid the houseboat? I have never done much in the world of decorating. But when I was in
    college I hung a couple of Utrillo prints that I bought at the dime store in my dorm room.

    Lucy and Ricky had Utrillo prints on their living room wall. Search for "Utrillo Pics" if you can't
    picture the Riccardo's living room. Utrillo was a lifelong alcoholic, but he still lived a long time. Born
    in the 1880s, he died when I was a teenager in the 1950s,

    Michele, I was on a flight with Sophia Loren in 1969. She was 33 years old, wearing a yellow suit and
    sunglasses, and looked absolutely fabulous! We were flying from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. I don't know
    if a houseboat would produce a magical change for you. Maybe you could find a magical housecoat at the
    Harry Potter store. Say Hi for me to Ron and Hermoine. Oh, yeah. And hedwig.

  4. Mikie

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    We have people here who live on houseboats. The good news is that if you want, you can take your home from your slip and go somewhere on the water with it. In CA, there are some people who really have nice houseboats. I've seen it on TV and read about it in our newspaper.

    The bad news is that, houseboats, like all boats, are always needing some kind of repair or maintenance. Living in such crowded quarters can get old but for the right person, it can be a wonderful lifestyle. The old saying comes to mind: The happiest day of my life was the day I bought my boat. The second-happiest day was the day I sold it.

    I think houseboat living is something which has been romanticized but the reality may be quite different.

    Our condos are big enough but were built mainly for Snowbirds who only stay 3-5 months a year. While I have a larger unit with plenty of closet space, the kitchen is woefully short on storage. Snowbirds often cook less and usually get by with the essentials. I find that I like to have a full compliment of pots 'n pans and dishes. Now, I'm finding that I cook less and should get rid of some of this stuff. I try to use my Oster steamer, my toaster oven, my little Cuisinart grill, or my "Set It And Forget It." Still, sometimes, nothing works like a pot or pan.
    I always loved to cook for my family but now, it's just me and the desire to cook big meals is gone. I no longer have the NRG nor the appetite.

    I still love living here and would get rid of stuff before I would move. If I win the LOTTO, all bets are off ;)

    Love, Mikie
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    I actually do better in this humid climate for my asthma, which I rarely have here. Living on salt water would be healthful. I always feel better at the beach. Supposedly the neg. ions around beaches, waterfalls, etc. For some people, as you said, Jam, living in a dry climate is more healthful. We are all so different.

    Perhaps one could rent a houseboat for a vacation to see what it would be like. There are people who live in really nice big RV's all the time. It's about as cramped as a houseboat. One can rent RV's. I had clients who parked their RV's here for the winter months. No matter how nice or how big, I don't think I could live in cramped quarters all the time. The idea of being able to move one's home does have appeal, though.

    Love, Mikie
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    I would correlate living on a houseboat being similar to living in an RV. I've traveled in RV's and they do get tiresome. And, like an RV, yes, houseboats require "maintenance". I would think there could also be mold over time...not for me!!

    There used to be houseboats on the lake by our home, but they've disappeared over time. The last ones I saw were sagging badly in the water.

    The movie with Sophia and Cary was "Houseboat"...cute movie!!