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    I read on one message that many items purchased from the health store help. It named garlic, acedophilus, magnesium, black cohosh, kelpit coconut oil.

    Are these things I should be trying while using the guai or do I need to check with my doctor?

    I'm staying on the 1 1/2 for awhile yet.

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    Do you have Dr. St. Amand's book? It lists the things you cannot take with the Guai. Any supplement which is made with plants can block the Guai.

    Acidophilus is a probiotic and is OK but by itself, it isn't very effective. We all need probiotics and the best one I've found is the Jarro-Dophilus sold here. It contains other strains of the good bacteria we need for our guts.

    The garlic, coconut oil, and black cohosh are out. The best magnesium product I have found is sold here under the name of ZMA. It contains zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6. I bought what was supposed to be the same product at the health food store and it blocked the Guai. It was made with concentrated plant material. We still have to read labels and compare them to the list in the book.

    Garlic is good for us but we can only eat it and not take it in a concentrated capsule.

    Not only do we have to check all our personal care items, but we have to be very careful of the supplements we use. Dr. St. Amand recommends we refrain from using supplements when we first start the Guai.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    Think I've got it now. Sorry to have so many questions, but I really do want to do this right. Still on 1 1/2 guai morning and night, so that's 1200 per day of the FA. If anyone thinks I should change it (after 2 weeks) please let me know.

    Printed your instructions, so I should be able to remember them.

    Overdid big-time Friday and Saturday and am paying the price. Skipped the workout today.

    My 17 year old granddaughter spent the evening and night with us and it was like old-times. Even got to kiss her awake this morning. She's such a little doll.

    Thanks again, for your patience.