Mikie and others :Doxecyclin protocol?

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    Hi there!

    Am going to the doctor tomorrow. At the last appointment we talked about trying antibiotics to tackle my 30 year ongoing struggle with FMS and chronic fatigue and now lately with arthritis

    I have read the archived articles on mycoplasma but need something specific to go in to make it easy for my Canadian dr. to do this.(ie. dosages, pulsing, etc) We are going out to the coast to visit my parents and I would start after that. My husband has come through his heart transplant very well....he had to wait for 15 months and now is almost 4 months post -tranplant. Now I can go into this and have flareups and get sick if need be. Practically if anyone has tips to manage this well, I'd appreciate it too.

    I am using ZMA, flexeril, zopiclone,
    multi-vit, calcium, Vit E, and a birth control pill to keep my post-memopausal syptoms and flareups organized.

    Waiting to hear from you all,
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    Go to our library and do a search on Dr. Garth Nicolson or go to Dr. Nicolson's website and print out the protocol. Your doc will want to see something printed out from another doc. Highlight the pertinent parts for him or her to save time. Docs love it when you do this.

    The protocol now is six straight months on the Doxy and then pulsing it, six weeks on and two weeks off. My doc told me not to stay off the full two weeks if my symptoms reappeared during that time. I am now able to go three weeks in between the six week cycles and I am hoping to be able to go off the Doxy within a year.

    You also need to do something about building up your own immune system while on the Doxy so that when you go off it, your own immune system will kill off the stragglers. I take colostrum and whey and think that I will start taking transfer factor. Now, when I pulse off the Doxy, I have a Herx from my own immune system going on a killing spree.

    You need a good probiotic like the Jarro-Dophilus sold here. It will keep the ABX from killing off the good bacteria in your gut.

    Finally, there are other ABX which kill mycoplasmas and if the Doxy doesn't work, your doc can try others. These ABX are bacteriotatins and not bacteriocides, so there is not the usual risk of developing resistant strains. Long-term treatment with this class of med is extremely safe.

    You can do a search on hypercoagulation, which goes along with stealth infections. We have had a lot of posts on this. Your doc would probably be interested in this too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Shalom, Shirl