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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by carebelle, May 28, 2006.

  1. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I want to start taking magnesium ,calcium,chromium picolinate ,vitamin E and Plant based Selenium.
    to help with pain, sleep and energy levels.After reading several of your post where they have helped you.Can anyone tell me how much I can take of each?I do have trouble taking things on my stomach so I will start one at a time and add slowly over the next few weeks or months.Please give me advice and your thoughts.Sometime I am going to start stormy's shake also.
  2. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

  3. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Carebell,
    No one can reallly tell you how much to take without knowing the other things you take. I would suggest going to your local health food store and speaking to the supplement counselor there. They are usually free, and are usually well trained. Take all your meds with you, in the original bottles. Barring this, I would follow the directions on the jars.

    Good luck. I hope you feel better.
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm not all that consciencious about my supplements. It doesn't seem to matter how much I take as long as I get it supplemented. I just have to be careful when I'm on the Doxycycline not to take other things within a couple of hours.

    Don't add everything at once. Start with one thing and then add another. The supplements usually recommend a dose. Start out smaller than what is recommended. We are often sensitive.

    Good luck. BTW, one thing which really helps me is a multi-B vitamin, no particular brand.

    Love, Mikie
  5. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    1.multi-B vitamin, no particular brand.
    2. 3 flintstone vitamin
    3.omega-3 2-1000 mg solfgels
    4.effexor 150mg (I just started this last week.I'm sure it will be increased)
    5.zoloft but I am comeing off this slow
    6.zocor 1 a day
    7.Allegra 180 mg tab 1 a day as needed

    I drink alot of green tea
    eat fairly healthy
  6. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    My doctor did a hair analysis and based on that, he tells me how much to take.

    I am taking around 1500 mg. calcium. He said that the general rule is to take least half as much magnesium as calcium, but that it's okay to take up to the same amount of each. He said to take the magnesium to "tolerance" level - if you take too much, it gives you diarrhea. So I'm taking roughly equal amounts of calcium and magnesium now with no ill side effects. I take it in divided doses, not all at once.

    I was on two 200 mcg. capsules of selenium a day and now am down to one a day. Also, was taking two 200 mcg. of chromium picolinate a day and now am down to one. The larger doses were based on hair analysis.

    I'm taking 400 IU of vitamin E a day.

    So it would be nice if you could get a hair analysis - my doctor relies on that a lot, it tells you the levels of minerals in your body. But barring that, I would go with the recommended doses on the bottles, remembering that you can take up to equal amounts of calcium and magnesium.

    I take all of these with food, except I take some of the calcium and magnesium at night before bed to help with sleep.

    I hope this helps -

  7. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    thank you very much!

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