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    You mentioned in your other post ---the active stage of Mycoplasma Infections in Gulf War Vets. I understand from what you said that the vaccination period would be an active stage which is contagious.

    What about other periods? Do you think that the mycoplasma infections are active in more recent times with GWV's, since they are still suffering the syptoms, and some reports of family members becoming ill on their return? Does it go...latent, during any periods where it might not be communicable?

    Is there conjecture on the mode of transmission of these infections?

    This is something I have not done alot of research into and am very much in the dark.

    Thanks for you time, Mikie. Hope you are recouperating well.
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    Thanks! I am recouperating very well. The crusty skin is almost all gone around my eyes and the area is just a little pink. That will fade in time. The skin is as smooth as someone's who is 18 years old. The eyelids continue to heal and with makeup, you really can't see the incisions. There is still significant swelling under my ears and one ear continues to be pretty numb. It takes forever for irritated nerves to regenerate feeling. But, I digress (as usual).

    Mycoplasmas can cause a flu-like sickness when a person is infected. They can also infect someone without producing noticible symptoms. During this time, the infection can be spread. The mycoplasmas can also go into what is called a stealth mode, living inside cells and using the host cells' own DNA to fool the immune system. During this stage, the body just gets sick with CFIDS-like symptoms. This is what has happened with lots of the Gulf War Vets. They test very high in mycoplasma infections compared to the population at large.

    I do not think that the mycoplasma infection can be spread with casual contact during the stealth stage, but I do not know about intimate contact. This might be a good question to ask Dr. Nicolson. I really haven't done much research on mycoplasmas in ages. Jelly may have more info on this as she is more up to date than I. I am getting good results from the Doxycycline treatment and feel that this treatment will probably eventually rid my body of the infection.

    I have moved on to looking into stealth viral infections. Viruses are much more sophisticated at going stealth within the body than bacteria. They use a complicated method of avoiding detection by the body utilizing both DNA and RNA. Unfortunately, with the surgery, needing to work on my and my Mom's taxes, and getting ready to house sit for my kids, my time has been limited.

    My new doc is supposed to be looking into this. The fact that I was in total remission while on the Famvir has been a big clue to me that I have some kind of chronic Herpes-family viral infection.

    My illnesses were triggered by the mycoplasmas, but no one knows whether these infections really trigger our illnesses or whether they are simply infections of opportunity when one's immune system is overwhelmed. I had just gone through a divorce, had no job, had to move from the four-bedroom family house to a one-bedroom condo in an area dominated by gangs, and had to give up my dog. To say I was stressed is an understatement.

    I can look back into childhood and see symptoms in retrospect. Because our family has three, and possibly four, generations with these illnesses, I also believe in the genetic predisposition theory.

    Hope this helps. If you want to learn more about mycoplasmas, start in our own library here and then go to the web. Just beware that some of the info on the web is of questionable quality.

    Love, Mikie