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    Ok, I am wanting to add back in some supplements since I stopped it all when I started Guai in Nov(per Mickies suggestions...thanks:) ) I have been to Tesas site trying to look up ingredients and so on. I finally emailded Claudia to ask about Ultra ATP Magnesium and malic acid....I told her it was Magnesium hydroxide and her response was that if it is plain magnesium then it is fine. I do not know what she means by that? So, You who have gone before me....is Pro Healths Ultra ATP ok or not. I want to start back on Magnesium and Calcium...just trying to find the right ones....searched and searched and need your help....Thanks so much....Kathleen
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    Ultra ATP contains magnesium and malic acid. The malic acid comes from processed apples. Maybe you should email Claudia and ask about that portion of the suplement.

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    Sorry to be so long in answering you. I was off my computer all weekend as my daughter was visiting me.

    I do not take the malic acid because it's extracted from apples, but I do try to eat apples. Magnesium is tricky because it can be extracted from veggies. I cannot take the ZMA because of this. I would ask Claudia what she meant by "plain magnesium." My guess is that she believes any magnesium supplement by itself is OK. I have found that magnesium stearate is added to a lot of other supplements. It must help with absorbsion.

    Again, I'm sorry I don't have a definitive answer for you. I have used magnesium supplements by themselves and not had problems.

    Love, Mikie
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    I wish the "experts" would make up their minds! Claudia just wrote to me yesterday and told me that "ALL minerals, in any form, are OK with guai".
    They can't blame our failure to reverse on our not following the protocol, if they can't even make up their minds what the protocol is!
    I am taking my magnesium citrate. I need it for my MVP so I don't have palpitations all the time.