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  1. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    MMM. Was just looking around and I noticed that you have a low sed rate Mikie. I just got blood tsts back and my sed rate, which previously had been something like 14, was a 1.

    It says normal is 0-30 for a woman over 50. Then the sites talk about abnormally low indicating heart failure. I would think that abnormal would mean anything falling below the normal of 0, which would be a minus figure? I also noted that it is measured aside CRP, which is normal for me also liver and kidney function tests are normal this time.

    This new doctor, well he always is "in a hurry". Sits there clacking into the computer,(don't you hate this new way of seeing patients wiht the doctor staring into the computer all the while?) seems intelligent, knows about meds. He told me now he thinks the pain in my hands is Dup. contractions and left it at that. No advice, follow up etc.

    He just said, "Well all your blood work is totally normal, so I have no idea why you are in pain." (He should KNOW I have CFS/FM I told him). I also mentioned that when my blood was drawn the arthritis in my knees was very bad and my knees were very swollen, and would this not show on sed rate?

    I am totally confused. I mentioned to him that I have chest and arm pains(this is nothing new for me)and he never even listened to my chest. They do not take BP there either.

    Gosh, I felt as if I really had no appointment and he was seeing me on the side or something. He has been like this twice wiht me and once with Dan. He failed to follow through and book Dan's colonoscopy too, or discuss his blood work. I am not going back. Should I see another doctor right away or maybe check with my heart doc re the new blood profile?

    Love Anne
  2. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    Just got my results yesterday too-sed (was 4), liver, renal, blood count, thyroid, MRI of brain all normal. That reinforced my docs opinion that I'm fine. I know he's frustrated with me, but certainly no more than I am! There's a naturopathic MD not too far from here-I'm going to call today and see about an appt. Don't you give up-go see someone else!
  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so sorry you were treated like this. I would change docs. This guy doesn't seem to be involved but rather removed from your treatment.

    I had never seen that but it makes sense. Thick blood is harder to pump. I am actually happy with the 6 on the SED rate. It was at 1 at one time before the Heparin injections.

    You may have osteoarthritis which can cause swelling but not necessarily cause indications of inflammation. I had that and my knees were swollen and were hurting. I finally got the approval from my HMO for the Synvisc injections. If the OA isn't bad, the injections can help. Mine have lasted for two years now and the doc says I may be able to put off knee replacement surgery indefinitely.

    Thanks for the info on the low SED rates. BTW, everyone in our family has died of massive heart attacks unless they die accidently first. I don't think docs pay enough attention to low SED rates but I think they should. Good luck finding a better doc who will help you. You don't deserve lousy medical treatment.

    Love, Mikie
  4. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    If your doc ran a hypercoagulation test he would see why your sed rate is so low. Most people take heparin to raise the level back up.

    Sujay the doc that use to post here years ago was big on this and still is for raising sed rates.

    I also should suggest you have your doctor run a Igenex Lyme test, IGg Igm western blot.

    Everything you have mentioined above is found in Lyme patients including pain.

    Good luck
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I was so concerned I went with Danny and got copies of the bloodwork. Strangely, the findings beside the CRP and sed rate were blank!!!

    Fortunately I read the pages prior to headingh home so went back in and she pulled out a different copy. This one showed the CRP as 11 and the sed rate was weird. It showed sed rate (with the time tested) as being "1" then the phelbotomists name, my docs name then below it, sed rate with the exact same time tested as being "11" with the signature under again.

    Now what is going on? Did they make an error with the first one and do a second one or what, and good of the doctor to notice this. What is strange is that the testing time was the exact time, 12.15pm. I wonder now if he just mised a "1" off on the computer and retyped it in as "11".

    Everything else was normal except a slightly elevated by about 3 points, glucose of 109 (not a fasting blood draw though. My last sed rate was 22, in February down from 42 previously(when I had mono).

    Any more ideas/

    Love Anne
  6. lbconstable

    lbconstable New Member

    Hi Anne,

    Good luck sorting this out. I'm with Mikie with respect to looking for another doctor.

    My SED rate has traditionally been very low. Doctor's are looking for an abnormally high SED rate as an indicator of inflammation. Most don't seem to acknowledge a low SED rate as a problem.

    I started Heparin about 18 months ago. While on the heparin my SED rate was between 6 - 13. I recently tried to go off the Heparin, but my SED rate (along with energy levels and cognitive function) took a dive to a "1". So I'm back on the Heparin and feeling better.

    I found my doctor by asking for a referral from Hemex Labs. Hemex Labs is a lab specializing in testing for hypercoagulation issues like those common in CFS & FM.

    Love & Light
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My SED rate was 5; this year, it was 6. I am happy because this means that the Heparin worked and I don't have to repeat the injections. This is likely due to ridding the body of so many of the pathogens. I am convinced that those little beasties know how to manipulate the body to produce the fibrin so they can thrive in a low-oxygen environment.

    Anne, keep us updated about finding a good doc.

    Love, Mikie

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