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  1. tonakay

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    No posts from you in days. I know the last I read you were hoping to go see your grandson but I think that was b4 the news of Wilma.... just praying you are safe and sound!


    Please keep bumped until we hear from Mikie... thank you
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    I thought that she was going to see her daughter in Atlanta sometime soon? Not sure about this though. Hope she is ok too....
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  4. Mikie

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    Sorry to be so long in posting. I left FL last Wed. and have been busy with my family ever since. I stayed in Rome last night and looked at houses today--didn't find anything yet.

    I kept the TV on all night without the sound and woke up several times just to make sure the storm was still south of Ft. Myers. My neighbor told me that the power was out but that there was no damage. I will be leaving for home on Wed. Tomorrow will just be gridlock with people returning to their homes.

    Thank you all for your thougbts, concerns, and prayers. I pray of all who were in harm's way.

    Shirl is till recouperating from Katrina and is tired. She could use your prayers.

    Again, thanks to everyone. You guys are great!!!

    BTW, if heaven is half as good as grandbabies, I'll be happy.

    Love, Mikie
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    So GLAD to hear from you. Keep on having fun with that grandson and Godspeed heading home.

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    So you are seriously looking at houses now!! We are building in Cartersville not to far from where you are looking! We would love to have you here in Georgia! I am hoping to someday meet the inspiring Mikie! Glad you are out of harms way! Lynn