mikie.........can you tell me how you change the battery?

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    help help help........no instructions on this.....don't know how to open up the unit and the Icy Hot co. is closed until 6-30

    UPDATE: got it open now.....it was a struggle and I didn't want to break it

    I let my DH put it on his knee.....he wore it for about 1 1/2 hrs.......and then the battery went dead. Good thing I bought a backup last week.
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    Hi, if you look at the unit itself without the pad, you will see a little curved tab sticking out on one side; it's not very big. Take ahold of that tab and pull it away from the unit. The battery sits in a circular holder and it only fits one way, with the markings on the battery on the top. Carefully slide it back into the unit and it should start the green light flashing. If not, the batter is dead. I've bought two pad refills, which come with a new battery, and both batteries were dead. I can't believe your original battery has lasted this long. I go through them like crazy.

    Love, Mikie
  3. sunflowergirl

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    Thanks. I pulled and pried everything and finally got it open and the new battery put in. I also stopped at a little Chinese jewelry store that sells watch batteries and bought one from Maxell for $2.99. I've been very careful about the pad but I'm wondering why sometimes, even with the new battery which came with the new pads, I have to really crank up the output? Do you muscles get used to one level and then you have to do this?
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    I've wondered the same thing myself. I take really good care of the pads too and store them as suggested. I can't take the twitching if I turn it up too high. Also, once the pads get well used and worn, I can feel a little unpleasant electric shock through the black squares on the pads. The tiny wires in them must get broken and exposed to the skin. Icy Hot is smart. They have a built-in continuing market of consumers for as long as people use their TENS units. I found two batteries for $2.50 at Publix. They are the 2032 type, the same as come with the original unit.

    I am doing so much better now after only a week of PT. As I mentioned, I've had some issues with dehydration and cramping and nausea after the myofacial release. I only did one set of exercises/stretching yesterday but will get in at least two sessions today. I walked through Publix with a bit of pain, even with the TENS unit on but it never got to the level 10 pain I had been having. A lot of the time the pain was nonexistent or, at least, very mild. For the first time, I am beginning to believe that I can work my back into shape and get rid of this pain. As the knots get worked out, I will need less and less myofacial release and be able to really get into the PT.

    I'm glad you like the TENS unit. Did DH try it? If he did, did it work for him?

    Love, Mikie