Mikie-could you repost the epsom salt bath for newbies -and me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lovethesun, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. lovethesun

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    It would really be appreciated.There have been times I should have tried it but when it gets to that point I can't focus on anything but the pain!Linda
  2. jaltair

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    Recipes for Baths (FMS Board):

    Shirl โ€“ 12/01/03 (Moderator)

    3 cups of Epson Salts
    3 bottles of Peroxide (large โ€“ 32 oz)

    In a tub of water as warm as you can stand. Soak for 20 MINUTES ONLY. You will be very weak when you get out, so be sure to go to bed, preferably a bed warmed with a heating pad or mattress heating pad.

    Like the others said, be sure to drink lots of water, especially one with lots of minerals in it. Juices are good as well, but the water is best.

    This has gotten me out of a lot of pain, and I also had a great nights sleep with little or not pain and stiffness.

    This therapy can be used up to 5 times a week

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    CreateHope โ€“ 01/07/04 (FMS Board)

    Please check with your doctors before doing this, because if you have any secondary infections, or are insulin resistant or diabetic, using Epsom salts in hot water is to be cautioned. Epsom salt is also used as a laxative, so if you have Irritable bowel syndrome like me, or Crones, use with caution, especially if your body has broken down on the cellular level like mine. Meaning I get the laxative effect from an Epsom salt soak without ever drinking it!

    I personally can only tolerate this combination in a huge tub of hot water (as advised by my nutritionist who has severe FM as well):

    1-cup hydrogen peroxide
    1 cup Epsom salt
    1 cup Apple cider vinegar

    The apple cider vinegar helps neutralize my body's acidic content. In fact, if you are in a hurry, and are allergic to shampoos and fumes of any kind like me, you can also put 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in 2 cups warm water and gently pour over parts of your body that hurt. Be careful not to get it directly in your eyes! I did once, and boy did that hurt!

    Can't stress enough: check with the best doctor you've got, and listen to your body first.

    Epson Salts and Peroxide Bath Instructions from Garth Nicholson 01/23/04 (FMS Board)

    Oxidative therapy may be useful in reducing symptoms.

    Garth Nicholson, M.D., director of The Institute for Molecular Medicine in Huntington Beach, California recommends peroxide baths (four 16 oz. bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 20 inch bath or Jacuzzi, with 2 cups of Epsom salt. Patient soaks in hot water plus the Epsom salt for five minutes until pores are open, and then adds the peroxide solution. This should be repeated three times a week at bedtime.

    No vitamins should be taken 8 hours before bath. The peroxide can also be directly applied to the skin after a hot shower/tub. The peroxide should be left on for 5 minutes and then washed off.

    Revitalizing Recovery Bath Salts!

    This is an excellent bath for those feeling achy or have the flu. Also excellent for those zealous over-trainers with good fitness intentions! An excellent body detoxification bath.

    1 cup Epsom Salts

    2 Tablespoons French Green Clay

    1/4 cup Bicarbonate of Soda

    2 Tablespoons Sea Salt

    1 teaspoon organic dulse powder

    (Organic dulse is full of minerals although it does smell like seaweed - your body will love you after!)

    5 - 8 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend

    Mix the ingredients together. You may use the entire recipe for one bath or spread it over 2-3 baths. Store in airtight container.

    When you are ready to use (don't add the essential oils until you are ready to take the bath - they evaporate too quickly), fill the tub with medium to hot water.

    Caution: for heart conditions or high blood pressure - avoid HOT baths.

    Pour desired amount into the bath and hop in. Allow the rejuvenating blend to sooth away stress, body aches and ease your mind. RELAX the body and mind.

    If your skin is dry:

    Add a teaspoon of jojoba, almond oil or apricot oil (best added to the water after you are in the tub).

    Bubble Bath Option:

    You can easily turn this recipe into bubbling, revitalizing bath salts by adding:

    ยง 2-3 Tablespoons of Sodium Laureth Sulfate

    If you want to stabilize this bubble bath (i.e. allow the bubbles to last up to 35-45 minutes - add: 1- 2 Tablespoons of Cream of Tartar
  3. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    This will do just fine Thanks
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It is her recipe. I do Epsom Salt soaks and only occasionally add the HP.

    Love, Mikie
  5. orachel

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    Except just epsom salt bath, of course.

    I also found this nice relaxing soak that's premade, I've been using bc I didn't know you could make your own (duh.) and sometimes simpler and less work is better for me if I'm really hurting. It's got lots of epsom, and some oatmeal, maybe?...I think its called "JOHNSON'S FOOT POWDER". Its in an orange box, with individual packets for baths. Designed just for the aching foots', but says can use for whole body, and it feels great. Its also SUPER cheap...like $2-3 for box of 3 baths!

    I'm very excited about the Revitalizing one for BODY DETOX...I've been looking for something like that for ages! What a huge recipe, though. Will hope that its worth all the work, but if it is...what a Godsend!

    And NATUREBABY...would never have considered the epsom/hyd peroxide bath if you hadn't posted about your success with it...thanks so much! It just sounded a little weird to me to bathe in peroxide! One question....A strange one...Do you find that it bleaches your body hair?! LOL...I'm hoping, because I'm not up to shaving my legs as often as I used to due to bending over pain...that would be an added benefit!!!! Oh, and does your bathroom smell like Peroxide when you're done? That might be weird. But I'm game either way if it'll help with the pain and fatigue. I've been extra "droopy" lately. Thanks for your thumbs up, Naturebaby.

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  6. lovethesun

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    I've never tried it,but I want to keep it on hand.I wanted to do it as a post for the new people too.The other recipe sounds interesting too.Thanks to everyone for posting!
  7. orachel

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    ...I'd have never considered Johnsons for whole body, either. Luckily, I happened to notice the suggestion written on the box, and its been quite helpful.

    But everyone talks about "really hot" water...My skin is so sensitive to hot, that I can't bathe in water more than 100-103 degrees..just makes me itchy and awful! But the johnson's helps with skin sensitivity too.
  8. Smiffy

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    Do we need to shower the epsom salts etc. off afterwards please?
  9. jaltair

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    Showering off before cleanses off the external contaminates and the soak, the internal contaminates. In addition, the bath tends to soothe and shower invigorate.

    When I do the soak, I put on my nighty after a good rubdown and then crawl into my bed and pull up the covers. Ohhhhh!!!!

    Nighty night!

  10. hugs4evry1

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    For Danielle and all the newbies...


    Nancy B
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's actually Shirl's, not mine. I do take Epsom Salt soaks but not usually with the peroxide.

    Love, Mikie
  12. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I remembered that but couldn't find it in Shirl's profile. I found this one instead and bumped it up for folks...afterall, it's that time of year again.


    Nancy B
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    ahhh thank you =].
  15. hugs4evry1

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but the warm water plus the salts obviously draw things out. This can be good. It can also be deadly if the blood pressure to TANKS and someone falls. I had a major head trauma following a "detox bath." It was dreadful - my pressure dropped and I fell head first.......accident sent me into seizures, blood all over, and couldn't talk well or state my address for about three weeks. It was a scary time and a major setback.

    Please, never do them alone!!!
    And monitor your pressure.

  17. evol_or_revert

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    thanks for this post, tryed just the epsom salt bath today, it was lovely. Could only stay in for 10mins then I hopped in to bed with lots of blankets and pillows then had a little sleep (was mid day).


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