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    Mikie - Ditto with Jackielacie's eloquent post! I sent a post to her yesterday and also found it in the chat room. Why can others send encouraging words, empathy, compassion etc., but a "funny & encouraging" post is not allowed on the message boards?? Perhaps I do not understand the boundries of this message board myself. I find the message boards uplifting, encouraging and most beneficial on those days where I'm too shot to care about anything... my eyes scan the list of subjects just to find someone whose made it through another day without jumping off the world.... as others have said, this message board has often been the only life line and thread of hope in an otherwise darkening world!! I appreciate the humor, love and compassion without having to put out the effort of extra key strokes! Perhaps I need to be enlightened on the rules myself. Forgive the tanturm, but as you well know, being in constant pain make's one a little sensitive at times....... a good laugh now and then does cheer up the heart and lighten one's day! Thanks for understanding Mikie and please let me know the boundries of this board.

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    Your post is alive and well on the Chit Chat Formum. That is the area we use for humor and just about any other topic. We do try our best to keep this area for illness-related posts. Our board has grown so much and moves so fast that posts can roll over to Page 2 or even Page 3 before they can be answered. Many of our members have limited time to scan the posts for topics of interest to them to help them with their illnesses.

    When we want to get away from our illnesses, post personal messages, post jokes, or just chat about other topics, we can go to the Chit Chat Forum to unwind. It is not a chat room but rather a message board like this one.

    Click on Message Boards in the strip above and it will give you a menu of all our other forums. You just click on where you want to go. You get back here the same way.

    I recently posted asking our members to use the Chit Chat Form for personal posts, but obviously you missed it so I have bumped it back up for anyone else who also missed it.

    Love, Mikie