Mikie......do you think these cats are on the pheramones? LOL

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sunflowergirl, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Hi SG

    I think those cats are well trained. If you want to find out for sure, you can call the
    cat phone center located at Tara, Georgia. Their motto is: Got a question about
    pheromones? Give us a call at Tara phones.

    Tara, BTW, was the home of Irish Kings. That's why Scarlett's father gave the name to
    his plantation.

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    OMG, Sunflower Girl, thanks for sharing this video. It's soooooo cute. The white cat with the purple flowers on her head looks just like Tweety. If Julie goes ahead and takes them tomorrow, today will be my last day with them. I am going to pack up their things. It's amazing how much stuff they have. I am really going to miss them but at this stage in my life, I really don't need two cats. Julie loves them as much as I do so I know they will have a good home.

    Rock, have you noticed that Tara is often an answer in Xword puzzles?

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie

    Yup, Tara shows up in the cross words. The other word from "Gone With the Wind" that makes an appearance now and then is "Rhett". If the puzzle folks wanted to make things difficult, the clue would be: Scarlett's son; 4 letters.

    I don't think her son appears in the movie. His name was Wade. His daddy was Charles
    Hamilton, Melanie's brother, who was Scarlett's first husband. Scarlett had two other
    husbands and two other children.

    If Julie can do as much for the cats as you, Mikie, they will be extremely lucky.

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    Why thank you, Rhett, I mean, Rock :) Another word in Xword puzzles is Ohara. There was a followup movie made for TV but the characters were soooo off. Scarlet should have been played by that woman, her name escapes me, who was on "Designing Women." She is married to Gerald McCraney who was in "Major Dad." She looks like Vivian Leigh and is just as beautiful. I think she was going to get kicked off "Designing Women" because of a significant weight gain. She was still as beautiful as ever and started her own line of clothing for plus size women.

    My neighbors are skeptical that Julie will actually take the cats tomorrow. I'm not sure she is well grounded right now, even though she works as a nurse. She's had a lot of family problems and illnesses/injuries. She recently had a seizure and a bad one at that. Seizures tend to scramble the brain. I told her there was no hurry but she committed to taking them tomorrow. If she doesn't, I'm going to talk to her. The cats' belongings filled a big shopping cart. I can't keep packing and unpacking their things. Also, these cats, especially, are special needs and require a big commitment. If one cannot commit to picking them up on time, how is one going to make the commitment to them to help them adjust to yet another traumatic move? So, we'll see. I hope she does pick them up as it's hard on me to think this is our last day together. If, on the other hand, I end up with them, that's fine. I love them.

    Tomorrow is anotha day!

    Love, Scarlet
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    Hi Kids

    You're right, Mikie. "O'Hara" also shows up in the crosswords. You see that guy reporting on
    his recent Pacific trip? The great flocks of seabirds and schools of fish were gone. "The ocean is broken." So is my brain.

    Anyhoo, I think the actress was Delta Burke. Did you know she's a wonderful singer? I
    looked on Youtube. Couldn't find a singing video, but there is a charming, silly skit she
    does with Dolly Parton. Both of them have to work to keep from breaking out in laffs. I don't
    understand why they didn't do a duet.

    Have to agree, Jam. I'd like to get another dog, but it's not realistic. I need help to take
    care of myself. Gordon just left to go to the market. He wanted me to come, but after
    walking/standing for just a few minutes, I need to sit down.

    Gordon is going to buy potatoes. Wants to try making croquettes.