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    Hi Mikie,

    Thank you very much for your help. See, as soon as you get back on the board, you're needed! I really appreciate it.

    I apologize this is long; there's no way to soundbite it. Thanks for bearing with me. I'm almost 37 and have been on the Guai Prot. since Oct. 2004, just a couple of months after being diagnosed with fibro. I was a low dose, fast responder. I take FA Guai--200mg in the morning and 400mg in the evening, and it's worked like a charm. My pain went from a 10+ on the pain scale down to a 0 to 3 on most days. There's an occasional day where I have more pain, once in a blue moon it might be severe, but it's rare.

    My current problem: I've had severe pain for three days all over my body. Perhaps I shouldn't even be concerned yet, but it's very out of the norm for me and impossibly uncomfortable most of the time. I'm having times where it even hurts to breathe. :-(

    I've heard that for some people that the FA Guai can suddenly stop working--that to me makes no sense (if it's worked wonderfully for 2 and a half years, why would it suddenly stop working?), and the LA Guai isn't affordable. I take more meds than the average person due to another medical condition (bipolar II), and they are expensive. I'm very concerned about having to switch for that reason.

    The other concern I'm having is that exercise usually helps relieve pain for me and has been just as helpful as the Guai. It seems that my tolerance to exercise is less than usual as well. The pain relief is very temporary, and then it comes back. My usual pain relief tricks aren't working!! It's perplexing and scary to me.

    My overly analytical brain tells me there could be several possiblities (and combinations thereof):

    1. I could have overdone it with the exercise and need to let my muscles relax and repair themselves. However this doesn't completely add up. I've exercised like this for a few months anyway (doc says I need to prevent insulin resistance and to try to exercise every day.) So far, my body has responded very well to the increased exercise. I don't know why it isn't now...

    2. I'm stressed. My hubby and I have been arguing a lot--happens to all spouses, but not fun!! I'm eager for a resolution. To show you the stress level, I'm online searching for a good book about why spouses argue and how to fix it--it's gotten that frustrating. At least he is open minded to reading it. I really think stress aggravates our illness.

    3. Got a new mattress Saturday--it's a fantastic handmade mattress, and specifically designed to help with fibro, however we were told up front that it needs to be "broken in" for a few weeks, to let our bodies conform to it.

    4. I accidentally bumped into my car's side mirror pretty hard on Saturday. There's talent for ya. My hip is still hurting--I iced it immediately, so there's no bruise, but there is still sharp pain.

    You'll note that two events happened on Saturday. I felt better than usual on Saturday actually and then started hurting very badly on Sunday. It amazes me that I could potentially hurt this badly and react so sensitively to new mattress and bumping my hip on a car mirror (although that doesn't explain all the other parts of my body that are killing me). Is it possible that this is why I am having such a tough time? My ribs are throbbing, legs burning, breastbone, wrists, shoulders etc. It hurts to breathe. After a full nite's sleep (and it's VERY hard to get to sleep), the pain will let up for awhile and then start up again. Eeeks!

    At any rate, I'm really sorry I couldn't sum this up better. The question is: is my horrible flare due to the Guai nor working anymore, and/or items 1 through 4? Or is this all an isolated incident? It's probably hard to know. I'm just really scared. I can't imagine the pain continuing like this. It's brutal.

    Thank you for your time, feedback and support.

    Much love, Erika

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    Thank you Mikie for your help when you get a chance..

    I think I've way overdone it with exercise and housecleaning--my body hasn't responded this harshly since being on the Guai though. Troubling! I'm a little better, but not out of the woods yet. Thank you for your help.

    Love, Erika
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    First, let me say how sorry I am that you are going through this. As I look at everything you have been going through, I can see why you might have a flare. Even when the Guai is working, one can still have a flare under conditions of illness, stress, injury, or any other contributing factor. If it were me, I would give things a chance to settle down. I really think it's a combination of all the things you mentioned. It's like the conditions for the perfect storm. Even though I consider myself reversed, if I injure myself or get sick, I can still suffer a flare.

    If you go to fibromyalgiatreatment.com and e-mail Claudia, she will answer you. I take the FA Guai myself and find it works as well, if not better, than the LA Guai; however, that is not the case for everyone. Claudia may suggest you take the Guai more often or even increase the dose. Sometimes, I have found that one needs to change the regimen. I'm not sure why.

    A couple of other things--have you changed anything which might block the Guai? Every time we buy familiar products, we have to read the ingredients because the manufacturers change their formulas often. Finally, I have found that taking Epsom Salt soaks really helps with pain.

    Why not copy and paste this post onto the FMS Board and address it in the title to the Guai Ladies. Jude is especially helpful and knowledgeable. Good luck and let us know how you are doing. BTW, stress is absolutely the worst thing. If you can find a way to get things calmed down, it should help.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you, Mikie for your support and words of wisdom. You are always so sweet and helpful!!

    Once again, I've gone on too long. You don't have to respond even. Just wanted to thank you!! [(You might read the last paragraph though. :)]

    You have help me feel reassured that the FA Guai is likely not failing me, and that's a big relief. I've heard many stories that the FA Guai will just "stop working" after awhile, which caused me great concern. I remembered a post to the Guai Ladies in which a lot of them suggested to the poster that they switch to LA Guai. I knew you were one of the few people still using the FA Guai and that it was working for you, which is one of a few reasons I wanted to talk to you first.

    However, if the pain continues for a long time (although I think it's letting up), I will contact Claudia re: a dosage change. I believe they have a fairly new Guai on the market called "Solo Guai"-- it doesn't have any fillers in it. It's also pretty pricey. Dosaging the Guai is such a gray area isn't it?

    My thought is that I overexerted much more than I realized--I was lifting some heavy things and didn't realize just how heavy they were (and it affected my whole upper body, stomach AND rib muscles- jeez!)--combined with bumping myself on the hip). If that doesn't induce a flare, I don't know what will. That combined with stress, and the few other things I mentioned and goodness gracious, you're right, it was "the Perfect Storm".

    In regards to the sals....interestingly, I never seemed to block them. I thought I remembered you saying once awhile back that you don't either (?). I found out accidentally when I started using Crest cinnamon toothpaste, thinking it had no mint in it and then realized "oops", it really has a fair amount of it in it. Mint as we know is a HUGE blocker! My other products are sal-free (and I check carefully), but that's probably irrelevant if I'm using something with mint. I switched to a mint-free toothpaste for a long time, and the result was completely unnoticeable. At any rate, thank you for that reminder, as manufactuers love to change their formulas and market them as "new and improved".

    I think I got WAY too cavalier with the overexertion. I'm strong and fairly young and just got way too big for my britches. I will NOT make that mistake twice!! As for the stress--it just cycles like everything. Bipolar always makes things a challenge (which is why there's a large comorbitity with fibromyalgia), but that keeps life interesting...at least I keep telling myself that.

    Mikie, thank you so much again. You really helped me out a lot. I hope you are doing really well and continue to make progress. You have tremendous empathy and would make a great counselor by the way. Have a healthy/happy weekend.

    Much love, Erika
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    You are so kind and I hope everything settles down for you. I would suggest, if you're not already doing it, that you journal for a while. Write down all your activities, what you ate, any stressors, your symptoms, and anything else you deem relevant. Sometimes, just seeing it all in front of you allows you to find patterns.

    Yes, the FA Guai works fine for me but there have been many who do better on the LA Guai. I can tolerate some sals but if I don't limit them, they will block the Guai. We all have different sensitivities to the sals.

    Again, thanks for all your kindness and let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie