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  1. Just wondering if you are still taking guaif and is it something that is used forever? Do you still believe it helps alot. I feel so lousy lately I am thinking of taking it again. I am tired of being a guinea pig taking tons of meds and still feeling lousy. It just seems to REALLY irritate my bladder alot.
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    I am soooo sorry to hear you aren't doing well. I have been on the Guai for seven years now. As you know, I've considered my FMS symptoms reversed for about a year or so. I still take a maintenance dose of 400 to 600 mgs. a day, depending on which kind of the Guai I happen to have around.

    Strangely, when I tried recently to wean off my Klonopin, I had a painful FMS flare. Sooooo, that tells me that the Klonopin is helping with the pain and it's not just the Guai which is keeping the FMS symptoms at bay. I was unable to wean down because off the Klonopin, I cannot get good quality sleep and I was starting to feel really exhausted. My specialist says the Klonopin does help a lot with pain. It may well be the combo of the Guai and the Klonopin which keeps me from hurting.

    Best of luck to you with whatever you do. I'm sending up a prayer for you.

    Love, Mikie
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  4. Thanks Mikie I need all the help I can get. I take so much now it seems so whats one more supplement to take. Why I stopped it once I don't know, oh yes bladder burning. Maybe I need to drink more water, I am bad at that. thanks for the info. Are u still working part time? And I remember that cute grandson, he must be getting big! Arent' they fun.
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    Yes, the Guai can cause some burning on urination. If you go back to it, try drinking more water to see whether that helps. You could also e-mail Claudia on their website to see whether she has any advice.

    Thanks for asking. Andy turned 3 in July. I am going to CO next month to see my other daughter and her husband and Andy's Mom will bring him, and hopefully my SIL, to CO so we can all be together again. I can't wait. I'm sooo excited.

    Wishing you the best. Let us know how the Guai is working out if you go back to it. I really hadn't realized just how much the Klonopin was helping with the pain until I tried to wean off. I could have dealt with that but not with lousy quality sleep. I had to go back on it. The only good news was that I didn't get the jitters this time when I weaned down and I take that as a sign that my neural condition is improved. Perhaps someday I can wean off of it. I hope so because I have osteopenia in one hip and one of the potential side effects of the Klonopin is bone loss. Oy! For everything we get, we have to give up something else. Oh for a cure...

    Take care.

    Love, Mikie

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