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    Well i just had to post and tell you about my new bed.It arrived on friday as arranged,its absolutely wonderful you just feel weightless laying in it.Friday night (the first night) i woke once at 3o'clock went straight back and slept till eight,something i havent done in a long time.Got up saturday morning and managed to iron for 1hr and clean(2 things in 1 day unheard of)last night was just as good.It is so comfy, and unlike theconventional spring bed there isnt a spring in site to stick in you.Even hubby cant believe how comfy it is,its a wierd feeling laying on it,firm butyou feel like your floating.Best thing so far for my fibro.SHARON
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    Hi, Just curious about what kind of bed you are talking about, it sounds great. Judy
  3. s43

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    When expossed to body heat,Reflexion uniquely moulds itself around you.This helps to avoid interface pressure on the crucial parts of the body subjected to compression.The body weight is then spread more evenly across the whole surface area of Reflexion in contact with the user.Reflexion is a system that comprises of two distinct layers which carry out different, but equally important functions.The upper layer is Vasco,the visco-elastic cellular polymer,which has the desirable qualities of being both energy-absorbing and temperature-sensitive.This high density material responds to natural body heat andforms to the bodys shape,creating a reflection of the body contours. No matter what the body weight the vascoe spreads the weight so that when the equilbrium is reached the point of least possible pressure is achieved. The supporting layer of reflex melamine-free material improves support and flexability for the vascoe upper layer.
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    It has taken about a month of jumping on and off beds to find this one,i have never spent so much time in bed,lol.........SHARON
  5. Mikie

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    I'm so happy for you. Did you buy this online or through a store? Does the bed return to flat when you are up? This sounds great and very scientific.

    Love, Mikie
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    It sounds great! About how much does it cost and can you order over the internet or where to buy it?
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    In a store where i live,the people wh manufacture these beds are either disabled or partially sighted(the workmanship is first class).It cost me 1,000 pounds,but worth every penny.Mikie when you get out of it ,it goes back to its original shape.They use this foam to make chairs for people with back problems,beds for hopspital to prevent bedsores,because there are no pressure points.I went there to look at there normal beds,when i explained what i had,they offered to make this bed for me,it was the first bed this comp had made,but it wont be the last because when it was finished they couldnt believe how it turned out.I am exeptionally thrilled with the end product and i think this comp'suresprung' will go into in a big way in the future.SHARON
  8. Mikie

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    Wow, what a story. Not only are you enjoying the benefits of this wonderful bed, but these people have found a whole new market for their products. It's a win, win situation. I love to hear stories like this. There are still so many wonderful things which happen in the world, but world events and our illnesses can blind us to the goodness which still exists. We need to be sure we still appreciate all that is good. Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

    Love, Mikie
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    Some of us with weird allergies can't use this type of material! Arrgghhh!! It sounds like it's very comfortable & I'm glad it's working for you. Anything that gives us a good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold!

    I tried a pillow made of similar material & was miserable---headache & sneezing, but the smell of the materials doesn't bother everyone, luckily, just the chemically sensitive (and I'm not sensitive to absolutely everything, just some materials). I had really hoped it would make my neck issues better, too.

    I'm glad it's working for you, though, Sharon! Hope you & hubby have great sleep ahead of you....