Mikie - Help w/Doxycycline to convince Dr. to presc.

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    I have read many of your posts concerning taking Doxycycline for 2 1/2 years. I am trying to get a better handle on things. I have basically been in the bed for the last couple of months. So what I'm doing is not helping.

    My thoughts are first I need to get control of the pain. For some reason Morphine does not work for me but the pain clinic I go to that is all they use for time released pain med's. So I am going to see if my Dr. I see for Fibro will take over my pain med's

    But I also want to try the Doxycycline and I know she does not have a good opinion of antibiotics. She thinks overuse is part of the problem for Fibor. But I have done alot of thinking back as to when all this really got out of control etc... and although I have not taken an antibiotic for a very long time

    I know that they for some reason make me feel better and not just for the sickness I am taking them for. Like Strep Throat. I also feel less pain, have clearer thinking and more energy while I am on them. Oh and don't crave sugar while on them?? always thought that was strange.

    So I would at least like to try that therapy and I have tried so many different things I don't see any reason not to give this a try too. Now one thing I am worried about is yeast infections as most antibiotics give me one but I am thinking Doxy does not cause that so much??

    But how to convince my Dr. to give it a go?? I mean she may just say let's try it, she is very open to trying new things and encourages me to do my own research and if I have something I want to try to tell her but for some reason I have a feeling it may take some convincing to get her to do this???

    So any help would be appreciated, I have got to do something different that is for sure!!

    Thanks so much,
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    If ABX make you feel better, there is a very good chance you have a chronic bacterial infection. Sixty to seventy percent of us test pos. for mycoplasma infections (the actual number is likely much higher). If you go to Dr. Garth Nicolson's website, Immed, you can read and print out the protocol for your doc. Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum did an article on using the ABX empirically. He found this quite acceptable. Otherwise, one has to pay a lot for PCR DNA testing which isn't that reliable nor necessary.

    Doxycycline is safer to use than some other types of ABX because it is a bacteriostatin. That means that it doesn't outright kill the bacteria. It changes the outer coating on the body's cells so that the bacteria are not able to invade them. The bacteria are starved out in the bloodstream. This type of ABX is less likely to cause resistant strains than others. If your doc is concerned about that, she can switch between the Doxy and Zithromax and Minocin. All are effective against the cell-wall-deficient bacteria. Cipro is too, but it is not the first ABX of choice. It should not be used until one has failed with other ABX, as a last resort.

    I never had stomach problems or yeast infections while on the Doxy. The Jarro-Dophilus probiotic sold here is excellent. I've also heard good things about Primal Defense probiotics. Just eating yogurt or taking acidophilus isn't enough.

    I used several sources and printed out the material for my doc. I highlighted the most relevent text and annotated in the margins to save him time. BTW, he really appreciated my research and the way I presented it to him.

    If you do a web search on mycoplasmas, you will find a ton of info. I suggest only using that from reputable doctors. Docs are more likely to rely on papers and articles by docs. Be sure to use more than one source. This impresses them too.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks Mikie

    Getting the info ready, I will let you know if she goes for it!!