MIKIE, I wanted to tell you (cat-related)...

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    Gosh Mikie, you've come full circle, with getting Sylvester and Tweety back!

    What a saga in your 'hood, with Julie, and Jeff, and the lady who abhors cats, etc.

    One thing I want to mention (hence this separate post to you, so you see it) --

    I just wanted to share with you!

    Our vet said NO HAM or PORK PRODUCTS for cats. She said it's a no-no. Something to do with the cats lacking an enzyme to digest pork? Our vet didn't like the idea of milk either. COOKED fish, chicken, turkey (for fresh foods), homemade broth from same (NO HERBS or seasonings), are fine. Canned food is good. Plus their dry kibble.

    Rosie (the youngest kitty) went through severe constipation, starting about a month ago. She became lethargic, our most vocal cat was not vocal at all, she lost her appetite completely and, of course, was not using the litter box.

    So off to the vet she went. She had an exam, an xray, an enema, and subcutaneous fluids for dehydration and constipation. She needed a couple more vet visits for enemas and fluids. Then the vet worked out a "feeding plan" for us.

    She (and the other two cats) get canned food in the morning. Rosie gets a scant 1/8th teaspoon of MIRALAX mixed in with her food daily. Every other day she get a teaspoon of baby food green beans or peas mixed in also. (Too much fiber is not a good thing.) And she gets a natural supplement (brand name petromalt every day -- there is no petrolatum in the product, it's all natural).

    We make fresh broth as needed. Usually 3 pounds of chicken wings or cut up whole trout, 6 cups of water, simmer for 4 hours. She drinks several ounces of the broth every day, to keep her hydrated.

    We stay away from canned stuff -- too much sodium in the canned chicken broth, plus additions like onions and garlic are NOT good for cats. And we don't feed (human) canned tuna a lot, just a treat now and then.

    So, Rosie is one of the 6% of the cat population who will suffer from chronic constipation. But she is A-OK (she just went in to the vet on Saturday for an exam and her annual shots).

    I know you'll keep a good eye on Tweety and Sylvester. And you'll take good care of them!

    Just wanted to share our saga with Rosie and her constipation/dehydration struggles.

    You take care, my friend.

    Keep us posted please.

    Love, Diane
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    Hi, Diane, sooooo good to hear from you but I'm sorry about Rosie. I really appreciate the tip about pork. I had no idea. They have almost always just had dry food but I was getting a bit panicky when they didn't eat yesterday. I got some small cans of food at the store today to try to tempt them. It was beef. Both licked the gravy off the flakes of food and that's all they would eat. So, Simon will be in for a treat tomorrow morning as he'll eat what they left. I've noticed that some of the dry food is gone from the dish so they must be eating a little. Both are grazers and don't eat a lot at once. They don't usually like people food so I was surprised when they ate just a tad of the ham. Well, I'm glad they enjoyed it as it'll be the last. I know some vets and owners don't like milk. Tweety is the only one who now likes it and she seems to have no problems with it. I could just as easily remove it from her diet. It is lactose free as that is what I have to have now. Either that or take Lactaid. I always forget that cheese is dairy and sometimes don't remember until I feel that familiar stomach cramping. Yikes!

    I'm so glad your Rosie is doing better. Refresh my memory; is your other kitty Beaty? We haven't talked for so long.

    I have a dilemma--HSN has sent me a $10 coupon good today and tomorrow. They have had sales but nothing I want or need. Then, they sent another one good all of July. I'm pretty well fixed so don't know that I'll use either of them. I will spend $400 in co-pays just for my PT, not counting the doc visits, so am trying to save. If I had a big vet bill, it would really hurt right now. I need to find out who the low-income vet is as I qualify. I've heard that clinic is very good.

    Again, so good to talk with you and it is so sweet of you to take care to let me know about pork. I haven't had cats in years and back then, they lived outside and often ate leftovers. Now, we keep them in, give them flea and tic treatments, and watch their diets. Both kitties look beautiful and healthy but you never know. They only go out for about an hour a couple of times a week and they just hang around us. Take care, my friend, and post when you feel like it. We miss you.

    Love, Mikie
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    We have two more cats -- in addition to Rosie -- BEETY and FAITHY. :)

    Yep, it's been a long time since I felt like writing or posting.

    I have an affection for kitties, so I try to pass on any useful info that I have have learned.

    BTW, here's FAITHY:


    And here's Tabeet (BEETY):


    And here's Rosemary (Rosie):


    Kevin's on his way from the grocery store, so I have to help put away our stuff. :)

    I'll write more later, Mikie.

    Love, Diane
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    Diane, thanks for the pics. Just looking at kitties makes me happy. I'll take all the help I can get with these two. Sylvester didn't eat much yesterday but he pushed Tweety out of the way to get to the bowl this morning. Thank God! Both are very happy cats and seem to be getting back into the hang of living with me. The big challenge will be when I let them out for an hour or so. They aren't as wild as when they were kittens, climbing trees and chasing around. Again, thank God!

    Please do write when you can.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie, good to hear back from you. I ran out of steam yesterday when I was on the board, and then Kevin got home with the groceries, and then yada yada yada. I ended up sleeping for hours for a nap. Then Kevin woke me for my BP med (in the evening). And then I zonked out again. Til 3:45 a.m. LOL

    I'm sure the cats recognize you and your condo, but probably wonder "what's going on?" It may take them a few days to settle. Do you have some cat toys, blanket, catnip .... anything familiar for them?

    We didn't know what was going on with Rosie. She went from playful and vocal to lethargic and refusing food. The vet determined that her stool was impacted? (constipated) and took it from there. I'm so relieved that she's doing great on the food and liquid regimen we have her on. Whew!

    So did you use your HSN coupon? I know you could have found "something." :) Retailers are so sneaky that way, with their coupons or "Kohl's bucks" or stuff like that.

    I put a reply earlier this month on the thread started to me by sunflowergirl, talking about how slowly my therapy is going, etc. So that was my update. I still deal with the PTSD etc, and my klon has been raised to 3 per day (.5 mg each).

    I can't deal with a lot of reading (for replying), like on the porch posts. I do miss you guys, and y'all are in my thoughts and prayers. Mostly I stick to the Homebound board, play on the song game threads. :) I LOVE music.

    I'm hoping I'll feel better soon, to rejoin the porch threads. Right now, it's just too much to process for me.

    If you have a cat question, please post. Maybe we can help each other. And do check out that clinic, if you need vet care. We have a great clinic here, but Kevin doesn't want to move all the records, etc., so we keep seeing the vet we're used to, plus it's a 24 hour emergency center too. The clinic is not 24 hour access.

    I better start my chores. I hope you had a good PT session today.

    I'll talk to you soon!

    Love, Diane
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    I'll check those boards to see you there. I check them when I can but I've been so bad with my back that I pretty much just stay on the Porch. And, yes, it moves at the speed of lightening sometimes. Our wonderful members hit the Report button or I'd never be able to boot the spammers off our website.

    Don't forget that you can always send me an e-mail by clicking on my avatar, Sylvester and Tweety. I need to take a new pic of them as they are so much bigger now. Again, thanks so much for your help. I'm glad Rosie is doing well now. Geez, they are our families. Julie and I now consider ourselves family because we both love the cats. Both times they've moved, we've transferred all their toys, the throw the sleep on, Tweety's little bed, and their little mats. The cat condo goes back and forth too but we need someone to help carry it up here. I've decided to put it in front of the window in my sitting/guest room so they can watch the people in the pool. From the lanai, they can watch the squirrels, ducks and wading birds. I leave my slider open enough for them to go in and out at night when it's cooler out.

    Well, Kiddo, hope you are doing better and the extra Special K helps you.

    Love, Mikie