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    Your info is so valuable to us newbee's. Im sure you have been stroked a million times. I do want to encourage people to take a psych. course or one that educates people about the Central Nervous System, Brain functions, Mental Health, Etc. That way they will be able to get the "Big" picture of the ever-so important new information and ideas you-all have to share with us. I am so thankful that you courageous people have endured and stayed on track with these DDs. You have saved allot of us a tremendous amount of frustration and grief by reaching out and up for so many years to find relief and inspiration for us "New Kids on the Block". I know that Fibro, Arthritis, and Reinauds have run in our family for years. I am the first to actually get help and results from you great people. Thank you so much and my children will thank you so much when they need answere's, relief, and good doctors in a few years! Tina
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    Thank you so much for such a sweet post. I really appreciate it. I will be having to go back to work one of these days and I won't have as much time to spend here. Until then, I want to give back to this wonderful place which has given me so much.

    We have some really great researchers here with expertise in various areas. They are all so generous in sharing what they know with us.

    Every treatment which I have found helpful has originated here. I am educating my docs instead of the other way around. This is pretty much what we have to do unless we find a doc who is extremely knowledgeable. My latest doc knows a lot about FMS but is not up to speed on CFIDS.

    The more we learn, the more empowered we become and the less we feel like victims. We are all learning and evolving as a group here. On our own and by ourselves, we wouldn't have anywhere near the support and knowledge we have here. It is our members who make this such a wonderful place.

    We have so many new people that many may not know that Shirl had to monitor this website all by herself during a very challenging time. My computer was hacked into and destroyed and my Mother died four days later. I was unable to help her during this time and for some time afterward. Shirl really deserves kudos for her hard work.

    Love, Mikie