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    come to think of it, have I gotten any bulletins in a while. FYI I tried to click on your post to reply to it rather than post this here, but it wouldn't pop up even though I tried like 10 times. All the other posts I was reading did not have that problem.

    On another topic, Seaview and Mikie, thanks for your reply about the guai but I guess I wasn't specific enough. I understand the basics (at least as much as you can absorb at first with our brains) but what I can't find is I need a fragance free shampoo, conditioner and soap. The guai
    lists are so chemical and I can't do that especially the perfume part. If a product says unscented it usually means
    one chemical has been added to mask the scent of an orginal
    perfumed chemical. Those are out of the question for me. IF a product says fragance free (rather than unscented--that is "unscenting" the scent) it is usually a better bet for me. I am in a rather small town now with limited stores
    and you either get plant-loaded shampoos or chemical shampoos loaded with perfume. HMMMMM.

    I want to thank Mikie for writing about this. I had heard of the theory many years ago and frankly thought it was a little looney (most of us on powerful drugs for sleep and pain which give us some relief and quality of life are suspicious of "can't use an aspirin" or "you don't need drugs, no narcotis" message even if it isn't the MAIN idea--we've heard that enough!!!!). Anyway back to my point (and I do have one). I thought but was not certain I was cycling on the guai and then one morning had a guai induced headache (I thought) and then had to wash my hair before going out for the day and hadn't gotten a sal-free shampoo so just used my herby one at hand and --BINGO-- I bet that shampoo wasnt on my head but for 30-60 seconds and the headache left. Thats a block, right??????? Usually if I have a headache and have to bend over the sink to wash my hair the bending/crooking the neck makes the neck and head pain worse; plus my headaches usually WIND down, they don't just disappear in thin air in a second. So obviously I block easily. Hmmmmm. So I guess its not such a looney theory, after all. And finding a non-herb soap/shampoo that is fragance free (no perfume) is practically an oxymoron. No biggie, will find one but anyhelp would be appreciated. I ran this by a couple guai folks but the supposed "fragance free" ones they mention reek so strong they obviously don't have the chemie problems, or else their noses don't work! All for now--the Beckster

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    Go to Yahoo and type in "fragrance free." It will bring up a bunch of places which sell these products.

    Love, Mikie