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    I was just doing some research on this for my mother. The only thing electrostatic air cleaners do is change the negative/positive ion ratio. They do not clean the air in any measurable way. So much so, the Federal Trade Commission has brought criminal charges up against the companies that sell them. They cannot claim that they clean the air anymore (one company, it seems, keeps changing its name to keep selling them this way).

    Morover, and this is the worst part, they create ozone in the home. In other words, they create smog in your home.

    My mother was using one on advice from a friend and her respitory problems were getting worse. I bought her what I have, an Austin HEPA air cleaner. On high, it will clean all the air in the room 10 times an hour. It is the best HEPA on the market. Got it through Best Vacuum's web site.

    If you are only doing the ion changing thing, it seems to do that well. But I thought you should know about the other aspects of these cleaners.

    All the best, Aeryn
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    It's unfortunate that there is so much misinformation out there. Let me tackle the ozone thing first. Ozone is not smog. They use ozone counts to measure smog in the ambient air because smog particles cling to ozone and at lower altitudes the ozone with particles clinging to it can be measured. Ozone by itself is healthy. It's just an extra molecule of oxygen in the air. For about $800, you can buy a contraption for your air exchanger to increase ozone in the air.

    Extra oxygen in air and water is healthy because pathogens do not live well in oxygen-rich environments. You can buy and ozonator which will increase oxygen in water and it will kill germs. Hydrogen peroxide is just water with an extra molecule of oxygen. That is how it kills off germs.

    Second, the reason neg. ionizers polarize particles is so that they will cling to the filters or be drawn to a pos. collector. One of my systems is one used in laminar air flow in labs where components are built which will be used in the space program. These rooms must be kept dust free.

    Third, electrical motors and machines put out large amounts of pos. ions. This does not help us to feel well. Have you ever noticed how well you feel in the mountains, by waterfalls, or at the shore? That is because these areas are rich in neg. ions.

    There is nothing wrong with HEPA filters as they do a good job of cleaning particles from the air. I prefer the electrostatic neg. ion cleaners for all the above-mentioned reasons.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for the clarifications Mikie, I didn't know any of that. Given the second response and my mom's experience, I guess they are useful as long as one doesn't have respitory problems.

    All the best, Aeryn
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    There are people with reactions to ozone and they should not have ozone-producing things in their environment.

    I believe that a lot of the problem is that ozone does pick up other particles in the air and that may actually be the problem.

    In either case, if ozone bothers anyone, they should avoid it like the plague.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hope it's ok to name names here! I have two of the Sharper image air cleaners. They have no motor, are silent,and catch the dirt and stuff on collector plates that need to be cleaned periodically. They do seem to pull a lot of dirt and stuff out of the air and help somewhat with odors. Our younger son is home, and I put one of them in his room to help with residual smoking odors, and it works for that. (yes, I am horrified to admit that one of my darling boys smokes. sigh.) And no, he doesn't smoke in the house, no one has ever been allowed to do so in or near our house. My allergic spouse sleeps better with one running full time in the bedroom.

    Friends of ours have the Living Air Classic air cleaner and have been pleased with its odor clearing (they have a 14 year old boy in the house!) and allegen clearing abilities. One of them is asthmatic, and said she wakes up in the mornngs without her usual wheezing and headaches now. I don't understand how one unit can manage air cleaning for an entire house, though.

    Hope this is useful information!

  6. Mikie

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    I'm sure this info about the air cleaners will help people who are sensitive to the ozone.

    I cannot tell y'all how much better I feel with these air cleaners running. The neg. ions really do help me feel more upbeat. It's amazing the tiny particles which are caught on the filters and which adhere to the positive collector.

    One strange phenomenon which occurs when using a neg. ionizer is that black dust will adhere to places on the wall and the only thing I can think is that is where the wiring in the wall is throwing off pos. ions.

    Love, Mikie
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    Does your air cleaner make noise? I'm looking for one that is silent. I saw one advertised on a TV infomercial, a while
    back. It was quiet and filterless(cleaned with a damp sponge.) It was about $200.

    If anyone else knows what I'm describing, please respond.


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    We have 3 Kenmore (Sears models) that we run in our home. One in the kitchen if anyone is using markers or glue at the table. One for the basement & one for our room. They are very quiet. We run them on the lowest setting in our room. It gives off a slight whirring noise - just enough to mask any other noise since I am such a light sleeper. The first few nights I had a horrible time sleeping because of the slight noise it gives off. I sleep much better now even with the noise. I have heard much noisier ones than the Kenmore... I had also never heard of these things making breathing worse. This model guarantees athsma to be greatly improved or money back... Also folks with insurance plans will cover the cost of one used for asthmatics...

    Good luck! Now I really am off ta' bed !!

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    The ones sold at the sharper image are silent but I do not thing they are neg. ionizers. Mine do make noise, but I'm used to it, even the one in the bedroom, so it doesn't bother me. Down here, we run ceiling fans all the time, so even if I were to use a silent air cleaner, I would still have the noise from the fan.

    Love, Mikie
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    And Since i got an ozone generator it is much better. I have one of the original and imho the best one made...an alpine. I haqve dogs and cook alot so odors are a concern too. I do not use air fresheners...the alpine gets rid of any odors and the house always smells like it was just cleaned. Some ppl are sensitive OR they use it too much.
    It is natural to walk into a room and "smell" the ozone..but if you can still smell it after a few minutes you have it set too high. turn it down, or off for a few hours. I don't run mine all the time. just for a few hours in the pm..after finished cooking and going in/out.
    As usuall....we are all different.

    Warm fuzzies