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    I'm sorry if you are getting sick of being asked the same questions (or similar ones) on the mycoplasma's, but I read the article by the Nicolson's that you recommended and found it both fascinating and hopeful--something I haven't felt for awhile. It answered several questions, but I have a few more for you. How and where were you diagnosed with blood infections? You said in one of your posts today that there are very few labs that can do this test. Can I show my doctor the article which shows the type of tests neccessary, and will he be able to send my blood off to a lab, or will it lose its viability in route? And also, how bad was your first herx? Did you have to try several of the antibiotics before finding the right one? Have you had side effects from those? Sorry I've got so many questions, but I wanted to come prepared to my doc. I've not had good luck when I ask them what to do, so I thought I'd try a different tactic and tell them what I wanted done! Thanks so much for all your help. Merry
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    When I got sick with the mycoplasma infection, the antibodies showed up in my blood because the infection was active. I have not had the DNA test because we know what triggered my illnesses. The cycle or two of antibiotics I received at the time were insufficient to kill off this type of mycoplasma. It went into a chronic stealth infection. Today, it would take a PCR DNA test in order for the mycoplasmas to show up.

    If you look up Dr. Nicolson's website, you will see that his lab in CA does this test. I believe the Great Smokies Lab does it as well. I'm not sure where it is; in TN, I believe. You can look this one up as well with a search engine. I think they will ship the kit to you or will send instructions for the lab drawing the blood.

    The problem with having your blood drawn locally is that the half-life of the DNA is only 24 hours. Even if you can get the blood drawn and overnighted to the lab doing the test, and the test is done within that 24 hour period, half the DNA will be too degraded to show up. Since it is nearly impossible to accomplish this, it is more likely that only one quarter of the original DNA is available. Also, the blood must be kept cold and packed to ensure it stays at the correct temperature during transit. If this procedure is not followed precisely, there is a high chance of a false negative.

    If it were me, I would make the trip to a lab which can draw the blood and do the test right there. The problem with a false negative is that it means doing the test again or not getting the antibiotics.

    Another option is available if your doc will go along with it. Try the antibiotics and see if you feel better. You will not feel better on the antibiotics unless there is an infection present. This is done all the time in medicine and my doc was fine with it, although, as I stated earlier, we knew I had a mycoplasma infection early on.

    Doxycycline is the drug of choice in treating mycoplasmas, but other tetracycline drugs and Cipro are also effective. Penacillin drugs have no effect against mycoplasmas. My first Herx just made me feel like I had the flu for a few days. Some people have them longer than that. I continued to have Herxes for quite a while, but I haven't had one in a long time. To me, this means that there is no longer such a large killoff that the critters become toxic before being flushed out of my system.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Mikie, Has pursuing treatment for mycoplasma been the most effective avenue for your overall health? I have tried many things that have not made much difference and I seem to have a classic case of CFIDS with additional Sjogren's Syndrome, hyperinsulinism, systemic yeast, frequent migraines, CMV, etc. Since, I am new, here, have you discussed any other treatments, as well? I understand that one needs to supplement with Probiotics, Flax oil, and Evening primrose, but are there any other treatments that you think are significant? Thanks and I hope you are not having to repeat a lot of old stuff! AMELIA
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