Mikie or Shirl a ? about a previous post

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Jun 25, 2003.

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    Hi all, I have been off the board for over a month because my mom had open heart surgery and I have not been well myself. When i was last on I had responded to a post of someone who said they had won their SSDI case on the first try and her Dr wrote a 12 page report for her that she was willing to share it with us but would not post it on the web but if we sent her our address she would mail it to us. Since I had just received my first SSDI denial I figured what do i have to lose so i did, I read the responses of others and they seemed interested too. Now my question- where is the post? I went back thru my profile and it is gone. She did send the report but it was useless info to me so I put it aside. It was mailed in a handwritten envelope with a PO box for the return address and was very sloppy. the other day i received a similar envelope with info on how to make thousands of dollors stuffing envelopes at home. Was someone taking advantage of us and our illness to obtain a mailing list? I figured that is why the post was removed, I tried looking back thru the posts and tried a search but found nothing, can you explain this. I certainly hope it is not true that somone would be so sick to take advantage of our illness for their selfish purposes. Thanks and I apologize for this being so long
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    Have you tried putting 'SSDI' in the 'search messages' link at the top of this page, probably you will be able to find it that way.

    I truly don't remember the post. HOpe you find it , or the one who wrote it will see your post here.

    Good luck with you SSDI, from what I understand most people get turned down a few times before they are accepted.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    James, Shirl, and I constantly warn our members against e-mailing anyone here or giving out your e-mail address.

    We have had members spammed with ads, including porn, after providing their e-mail addresses to someone who comes here and asks. For a hacker, an e-mail address is like an open window into your computer.

    If a stranger phoned you, would you give him or her your address? I doubt it unless you could substantiate the validity of the caller. On the internet, anyone can pretend to be anyone or anything. Most of us are so honest that we are like babes in the woods for people who use these boards for their own profitmaking.

    I don't recall the post myself, but my usual warning stands. Know who you are giving your info to.

    Love, Mikie