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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pam_d, Jan 1, 2003.

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    Hi, all who are much more knowledgeable than me regarding digestive enzymes! I'm hoping to make a long story somewhat shorter, so: I have a great new FM/CFS allergist who's dx'd me with food allergies. He's very thorough, has gone over all my supplements (outlined from test results what I'm deficient in, & have too much of) with me, has me on lots of stuff plus probiotics, rotation diet. I got the digestive enzymes he recommended, with this admonishment "only take them with a FULL meal, NOT a snack". He said, "otherwise they will literally EAT YOU!" So I need advice on this; if anyone here's ever done a rotation diet, you know how tough it is; I'm adjusting to this, plus also trying to continue to eat small meals (I've lost about 20 lbs. of the 35 I need to). Many days, I eat maybe 4-5 very small meals, working in foods I need to have, avoiding those I'm allergic to. If I don't want to eat a really FULL meal, how do I make digestive enzymes work for & not against me? Any suggestions will be appreciated, & I'm sorry, I answer a lot of posts, but hardly ever post a topic & I think I failed in my effort to keep it brief!

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    What is the definition of a snack? I was taught not to take them with only carbs, say a fruit and lettuce salad, for example. But, I never eat carbs alone anymore since I have Metabolic Syndrome.
    If I am eating fat or protein,I always take them, unless I am just eating six walnuts, or some very small thing like that.
    Some enzymes actually fight inflammation when taken inbetween meals on an empty stomach (pancreatin, bromelain). I could not tolerate doing it this way so I take them with meals.
    Pretty scary what your doc said.....sounds like that flesh-eating bacteria we heard about awhile back!
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    That is scary. I use the natural enzymes made from papayas and have never heard of this happening. I do not take them with snacks. I've only used them with meals. Since I eat a lot of meat on the protein diet, and I believe meat is difficult for us to digest, I try to make sure I take the enzymes with meals containing meat.

    You might want to ask your doc how much food is necessary to warrant taking the enzymes. I'm glad you found such a good doc and one who is so thorough. I wish at an early age we would get more info on healthy eating and the need for probiotics. It would save so many of us a lot of pain and illness due to the Leaky Gut Syndrome and food allergies.

    Love, Mikie