Mikie others I am so lost and sick really could use advice

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maps, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. maps

    maps New Member

    Hi Guys:

    I have CFS and Microplasma, have been following Dr. Nicholson's protocol and taking all recommended vitamens.

    About two months ago I started having a problem digesting food, it would just sit in my stomach. Anyway started increasing probiotics which made no difference so gradually eliminated all vitamens and finally the antibiotic.

    Digestion has slowly got better but about 2 weeks ago I started getting fevers and went back on the antibiotics and added 1000mg vit C three times a day and magnesium. Unfortunately I am still getting low grade fevers and everything inside my body hurts just like some kind of junk has been pumped into by body. My chest is tight and I have a constant headache which nothing seems to touch. And now I have bad gas.

    Has anyone had a similar experience, any suggestions are welcome.

  2. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    I also have that problem too. I feel so full and bloated after I eat and its painful. I don't take anything for it, just deal with it. I do get gas too and Gas-ex helps with that.

    Did you talk to your doctor about this?
  3. maps

    maps New Member

    Yes, I went two weeks ago and she ran some tests, I will see her on Friday.

    When I saw her I was not feeling this bad and did not realize I spent the day after in bed all day and really was not with it at all it was not until the 3rd day that I took my temperature. I usually run around 97.1 but was up to 99.9 now it bounces between 98.1 and 99.5.

    It just becomes so exhausting not knowing what to do.

    Thanks for the input.

  4. apl

    apl New Member

    Best wishes for your speedy recovery with this, and finding out the cause of your latest woes.

    I might be asking a useless question here (I may be completely wrong), but I am curious about the protocol, and if it actually recommends taking probiotics while on antibiotics.

    As far as I am aware, the two could be in contraindication - antibiotics run a pretty large-scale assault on a (varying) range of organisms (bad bacteria, and the good bacteria are collateral damage), and probiotics are meant to replace/renew good biotic flora. A course of antibiotics can generally cause digestive stress (gas/bloating/diarhea, etc.), and the system sometimes needs to be helped along by probiotics *after* the course of antibiotics is over.

    Wouldn't these two taken concurrently put your system in a sort of constant stress? Basically a war of antibiotic and probiotic. I hope my question makes sense. Apologies if I am off the mark here. I guess it could also be possible that you might have a sensitivity to the probiotics, the vitamins, or the antibiotics, or that you have a virus or some completely unrelated issue.

    I'm also curious as to where I can learn more about this particular protocol.

    Again, best wishes to you, maps.
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  5. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    I too think it could be IBS.That can be painfull and make you feel sick.

    The bloating has been worse for me these last few wks.
    Having an awfull time with bowels too.

    But maybe you should chek in with your doc about the chest pains.Thats nothing to fool with.Even if it turns out to be nothing,that doesnt matter.As least you will know!!

    gentle hugzzz
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I wish I could help. It's possible that you have picked up another infection of opportunity. It may be time to switch ABX or add another one to the one you are on. The Doxy still works for me after all this time, but some docs like to switch every now and then.

    The probiotics should not be causing problems. They should be taken in between doses of the ABX. Without them, the ABX will destroy the good bacteria in the gut and cause stomach problems. Talk to the doc about this too.

    Large doses of vitamin C can upset the stomach.

    Good luck to you. I wish I could be of help. Please let us know what the doc has to say.

    Love, Mikie
  7. usanagirl

    usanagirl New Member

    Whether released from foods through digestion or the dissolution of supplements, ionized minerals are prone to a variety of absorptive interferences. Many components of our daily diet, including other minerals, can interfere with, and sometimes block, the absorption of certain minerals, making them unavailable to the body.
    Natural fibre, such as that found in fruits and cereals, has a depressing effect on the absorption of minerals supplied as inorganic mineral salts. Surpisingly, recent evidence shows that a fibre-rich diet can even deplete the body's mineral status when minerals are provided as inexpensive mineral salts, resulting in a negative mineral balance.
    Once minerals are ionized, they migrate to specialized receptor sites on the cells that line the inner surface of the small intestine. Here, the minerals attach to carrier porteins to be transported into the cells and, from there, into the bloodstream. These minerals actively compete with one another for attachment sites and, consequently, may inhibit the absorption of one another. Such interactions between minerals can be profound and have significant implications for health.
    Considering the ready availability of dietary supplements that use inexpensive mineral salts, these mineral-mineral and mineral-substrate interferences take on considerable importance. Imagine taking a mineral suplement in good faith and going into a negative mineral balance- actually losing ground fro the very minerals you consumed!
    The short of it is this: avoid the use of supplements that provide minerals in the form of inorganic mineral salts (such as oxides, carbonates, sulfates and phosphates). While less expensive to manufacture, supplements using mineral salts do not appear to provide optimal nutritional value.

    The value of Chelated Minerals...
    To increase the bioavailability of minerals, many manufacturers chemically bond the mineral to an amino acid or organic acid carrier. These chelated minerals are believed to mimic the natural mineral chelates that form during the digestion process. Beyond their reported superior bioavailability, chelated minerals appear to have lower absorptive interference and better tolerance in the gut than the less expensive mineral salts.

    Maps...may I ask what brand of vitamins were recommended to you?

  8. maps

    maps New Member

    Wake-me-up, I am off all vitamens except VitC and Magnesium as my blood pressure has gone way up. I may cut down to one probiotic and see if that helps.

    APL: Yes your question makes sense. In everything I have read you must take probiotics for long term use of antibiotics (been fighting this micoplasma with antibiotics for about two years)

    Jordan: Thanks for your input.

    Mikie: I think your first paragraph may be correct as I have been suffering sores in my mouth. It ties in with the fever. But I thought the abx would treat that but I just suddenly thought if I have a virus the abx are not going to help at all.

    I did not know Vit C would cause stomach upset, In my last tests I did not have any vitamine C so doc suggested this amount.

    Sorry do not remember who asked about the protocol for myco but you can find it at Dr. Garth Nicholsons site.

    I hope I have not missed anyone as I really appreciate the input.

  9. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I think it could be a few things, IBS like some of the others said or maybe you are being poisened by your gut. Especially since you say the food is just sitting there, it is basically rotting and releasing toxins back into your bloodstream. I have had this experience and it made me horribly sick.
    Also, acid reflux may sometimes cause a feeling of tightness in the chest, but you must rule out all other possibilities.

    I have major problems with bloating and trapped gas, have you considered taking digestive enzymes?
    A probiotic can make you feel worse for a while if it makes you herx, I always take probiotics and abx together, the doctor prescribes it like that and I also recommend it to other people (I'm a pharmacist).

    Are you following a healthy diet? Your constant headaches are probably linked to your digestive problems.
    Let us know how it goes!

  10. maps

    maps New Member

    Went to docs on Friday, sorry re delay but very humid here so no energy. The tests just showed the body was fighting something da!

    I did have a tooth extraction on the Friday which required two stiches my doc believes this probably exhausted my body.

    Anyway funny thing is it has chenged my temperature from 97.1 to 98.1. Hopefully this will turn out to be a good thing.

    Once again thanks for the input it was a really bad time, now just back to the normal one or two semi usful hours.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    My family has had a stomach virus which, fortunately, has not hit me. Yes, run-of-the-mill viruses can affect us at any time and the ABX doesn't help with them.

    I am still getting over everything which has plagued me since a virus and the Red Tide, followed by bronchial problems. I do believe my mycoplasmas and some kind of chronic viral infection has tried to reactivate. I am back on the Doxy and Acyclovir, which upsets my stomach a bit. I've been Herxing, including the worst sweating I've every had. I smell horrible.

    Now that you mention it, I had some painful dental work done during this string of illness. Dental work can release oral bacteria into our systems too. I will not have any more done without taking Doxy for a few days, at least, before I go to the dentist. This includes cleanings. They like to poke around. During this whole time, I've been fighting sores on my lips which I though were cold sores but have turned out not to be. One was inside my mouth.

    I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for the update.

    Love, Mikie

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