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    When you write about DNA testing for CFS, is this something you have had done?

    If so, did your insurance cover it, and can I assume it was a blood test?

    And...were the results difinitive for CFS...or were they to point out other underlying illnesses???



    (If you have already discussed this elsewhere, you can point me in that direction...:) )
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    The PCR DNA tests do not test for CFIDS per se; they test for specific strains of pathogens. Many of us got sick with our illnesses following an active infection; this is what happened to me. With others, I believe the infections are infections of opportunity.

    Some insurance companies will pay for the testing and other balk or refuse outright. Your doc can write a letter and try to persuade the ins. co. to pay. You can also file a grievence to get them to pay. Sometimes it works. You have to be persistant.

    If you pay for it yourself, I think, but I'm not sure, that the labs which do the test will do them without a script from the doc. Jelly really knows more about this than I.

    I did not have the test done because we knew that my illnesses were triggered by a mycoplasma infection. A simple antibody blood test picked it up in the infectious stage back in 1991. The doc did not tell me which strain or strains of mycoplasma I had and when I sent for my records, the blood test was not included, but there was a record of his telephone call to me. Unfortunately, the phone message didn't indicate which infection I had.

    These tests are expensive and a lot of docs are willing to just prescribe medication on an empirical basis to see what happens. My doc was very comfortable about doing this. At this point, I really don't care what strain(s) of mycoplasma made me sick because the Doxycycline treatment is killing the bacteria off.

    There has been a lot posted here on mycoplasmas and if you do a search, it will bring up the past posts.

    Love, Mikie