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    Can't remember which one of you talks about the Suzan Somers Diet. Was in the BIG SMOKE (Melbourne)last Friday here in Oz and looked for her books. Couldn't find any and one place told me, "Oh thats old", "we don't bother with it anymore". Was able to tell them there is in fact new editions. It is dissapointing when you hear what success some people in the USA are having with this diet and I can't get it here.Just thought you would be interested, tho" I assure we are not all so backward out here. Love Ozgran.
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    Both Shirl and I have talked about the diet as her husband lost 40 pounds on it and I have lost 24 so far. I've plateaued and have been too sick to exercise much lately, so until I can do more, I don't know whether I'll continue to lose.

    Suzanne's books are available at Barnes & Noble and through her own website. Her newest book, "Fast and Easy" has been on the best seller list. It is the best one yet and has easier, tastier recipes, although her previous books had delicious recipes too. The new book is also better written regarding the combining of different types of foods to achieve maximum results.

    Love, Mikie