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    Dear Mikie,

    Thank you for your response to my question re: Brown Protocol vs. Nicholson protocol.

    You are the third person (the 2 others being doctors) that has told me that I don't need to become a gut cripple due to long term use of antibiotics if the right probiotics are used, and properly timed.

    I'm going back onto Cipro! I took it last year for four months and was almost pain free.

    You mentioned that you were on doxycycline for a year. I hope that you are aware of Prof. Nicholson's view that the mycoplasma will return unless six week cycles of antibiotics are repeated for as much as several years.

    There is a women in the shasta support group (Edited to remove URL), who says that she's just about fully reovered after several years of antibiotic treatment.

    Prof Nicholson has a protocol that includes nutrition and supplemens that you can find on the web entitled Diagnosis and Integrative Treatment of Intracellular Bacterial Infections in Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Syndromes, Gulf War Illness, Rheumatoid Arthrits and other Chronic Illnesses....if you don't already know about it.

    Thanks again for your support.

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    Thanks for the info. In the past, I have tried to cycle off in six week cycles, but every time, the symptoms have returned. My doc told me not to wait the two weeks to get back on the Doxy, but rather to start them again as soon as the symptoms show up.

    I cycled off them five days ago, and so far, no symptoms, although I am very tired. It may have to do with my immune system's having to do all the work now on it's own. Interestingly, I had a mild Herx effect just after going off the Doxy.

    Dr. Nicolson told me to get off the Doxy as soon as I am able to without symptoms. I had written to him because I was afraid of my own immune system's having to destroy the mycoplasmas and possibly identify my own DNA on the mycoplasmas as foreign matter. I don't want this to progress to Lupus or MS. I had told him how long I've been sick and how long I've been on the Doxy.

    Good luck to you with your treatment. I tried Cipro but had a bad reaction to it. The Doxy seems to work well for me.

    Love, Mikie