Mikie, thanks for the info

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    Mikie, thanks so much for the Dr.s name, the best part is he is covered under my insurance. I'll be calling to make an appointment. OOPS!! Forget to mention I moved here from SAn FRancisco Ca 7 years ago, but you know the military testing can be done anywhere and we'll never know.
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    You are more than welcome. I know you will like this doc. He is adorable and soooo nice. There are four of us that I know of living here from Ft. Myers Beach all the way up the coast to PG. We also have some members further up the coast in Sarasota and inland from Tampa.

    One of our members here in Ft. Myers just lost her husband and I don't know when she will feel like getting out, but maybe one of these days, we can all get together for lunch.

    Let me know how you like Dr. Galang. It took me two years to find a good specialist here.

    Love, Mikie