Mikie & The Hurricane

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by angelheart, Aug 13, 2004.

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    Hi Everybody-

    I don't post much cuz it is hard to do from my job, but I read everyday and come here and pray for all the requests given. Anyway, enough about me!

    I am really concerned about "our Mikie". According to a message she left earlier today on one of the other boards she still wasn't planning on evecuating due to the Hurricane, in fact she alluded that it was probably too late at this point. Anyway I have been watching the storm on radar and satellite (has moved direction)and it appears to be only 60 miles (the epi-center) from Fort Myers where Mikie lives. They say at the center the winds are 145 mph. I pray that Mikie did have time to leave, in either case it must be very frightening (even for our brave friend) and I have this constant prayer running through my head for Mikie's safety and all those in the storms path.

    This message board is very special and has touched my life. I thank you all for the touching and inspiring messages you post. Remember you never know what you may write that could touch someone else.

    ~Angel Blessings~