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    Yesterday I posted a reply to Craftyjodi about her post about who was doing recovery with drugs and alcohol, I replied with a post that was light hearted humor.The best humor is the true stories. You said it did not conform to the message board for FMS and CFS. I must disagree if you read it it has alot to do with FMS as alot of people with chronic pain turn to drugs and alcohol for some relief that the medical profession fails to acknowledge. It is easy to get all the drugs and alcohol you can afford and if drugs are what you want why ask a Dr. you can get anything you want on the street.Now my question to you is if this is not related to this site I think you just don't like me posting because I say things you personally don't like. So what I did was typed Jesus into the message search an found you and others had posts about Jesus, what does Jesus have to do with this site???? I say to you Jesus has no place on this site and you should go to an appropreate site for that and not this site. popgun
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    There are times when a thread will get off track after a few responses and meander into other areas, but the original posts are usually something dealing with our illnesses or the challenges we are meeting with those illnesses.

    If you want to take things to the nth degree, you could probably make the case that EVERYTHING affects us. We used to discuss everything here, but it got so out of hand that people wanting to find medical info had to cull through all the jokes, religious witnessing, creative writing, etc., and many do not have the time or energy to do this. This is why our Webmaster created the other forums.

    Truth be told, all the posts about husbands, wives, family, friends, and coworkers not understanding us belong on the Chit Chat Forum, but I have left them here. Some are just too heartbreaking for me to feel like I want to move them.

    I will not leave jokes here because we have the Chit Chat Forum for that. Jokes have a way of multiplying like crazy and they abound on the CCF. We can all use a good laugh and that is what the CCF is for. Pretty much anything can be discussed there.

    If some of my decisions seem arbitrary, it has nothing to do with whether or not I like someone. I don't even know you or who you are. I do not have time to read each and every post here. Sometimes things get past me. Sometimes I just leave things. It isn't a black and white issue.

    Please feel free to visit the CCF often and as long as you are respectful to our other members, you are welcome there. As for Jesus, His name comes up in our posts from time to time here, but if someone isn't trying to witness or give religious testimony to try to persuade other members, it usually stands. Many times we talk about how important the mind/body/spirit connection is to our welness. Many will include a "Thank God" in their posts. This isn't the same as quoting scripture or witnessing.

    I hope this clears things up for you.

    Love, Mikie