Mikie-update on peptides?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cherylsue, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    Hi Mikie,

    I can't seem to find your own thread, but I'm checking in on you and seeing if you started your peptide injections yet? How are you doing?

    I'm still herxing and plugging away at my pathogens. I have to return to work in a month, but I still feel fatigued and flulilke.

    Wishing you the best.

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I've wondered how you are doing. I guess it's good if you are Herxing, as uncomfortable as it can be. It means something is dying off.

    I'm still running a low-grade temp, even on both Acyclovir and the Doxycycline. I've ordered Transfer Factor 200 from the store here at ProHealth. It is what really helped mop up the pathogens years ago. I can't start the injections until the infection(s) are gone.

    Strangely, I've been freakishly energetic lately, despite not being all that well. It actually feels like nervous energy. I'm taking advantage and getting some things done. Then, I feel tired but too jacked up to sleep. Oy! It's always something new.

    Keep me updated and I'll send prayers your way.

    Love, Mikie
  3. md3132

    md3132 New Member

    My dad used had several injections and was doing fanominal!!!! Now that he is home he had not received the serum and has missed 2 injections now. Ther seems to be a severe delay in the delivery of the serum. We have been waithing almost 8 weeks and keep being told it is just in such great demand. Dad paid for 6 month of the serum and is supposidy on the top of the list to recieve the serum as soon as it arrives.

    Do you or anyone else know of any doctors in the US or Canada that are using the peptide therapy that may have the serum? Dad is going backwards very quickly...... He is very depressed and feels very let down by his doctors in Florida. He went there for there initial treatment and then returned home to Montana and planned to continue for the next 6 minths here.

    PS I have talked to you before. :)
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Your telling me about your Dad. Before I got too sick to start the injections, I was on a wait list and it took almost a month for the serum to come in. Unfortunately, I was not able to start it. I think the problem is at the source in England and not with the docs here. Interest, and demand, is skyrocketing as news of how well the injections work gets out. I am so sorry he is having to wait like this. Sending up a prayer for him.

    BTW, shortly after I responded to you and mentioned Herxing, a really severe Herx came on so fast. I did have a headache last evening and that should have been a clue. Duh! After the diarrhea and nausea, I'm getting another headache so this must be a two-day Herx. I'm glad to be getting rid of the pathogens.

    Honestly, after having to put in a new air handler for my A/C system, I won't be able to afford the injections for a while anyway. When I was doing my research, I did come upon some info on studies in the US for the injections for RA. You might look around online to see whether there is anything going on in your area. I don't know whether any rheumy would be connected with a study or not. They are kinda strange about alternative treatments. Best of luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Long time hearing from you but I haven't been on the board in awhile. So what's up with the antibiotics and injections?

    The last time I heard you were working part time and doing better, would like an update if you don't mind.

    I was finally dx with Lyme or Chronic Lyme and feeling terrible so far none of my treatments are working or reacting.

    I think once we have all this "crap" we will always have something going on.

    Good to be in touch..

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sooooo good to hear from you but I'm so sorry your treatments for Lyme aren't working. If one has had Lyme or mycoplasma infection for a very long time without adequate treatment, it will take years for the treatments to work. It took 2 1/2 years for my Doxycycline ABX, and a whole host of other treatments, to beat the mycoplasmas into latency. Lyme and mycoplasmas can change form and deposit cysts deep inside our tissues and they can reactivate when we get run down. I don't think we can ever fully recover from them or any of the viruses in the Herpes Family.

    A year ago, I had to retire from my part-time job because, once again, I became so fatigued that I could no longer work. This time, however, I had the good sense to stop before I became bedridden. After a year of trying to figure out what was happening, it seems I have Sjogren's Syndrome. It took several years for the symptoms to become obvious enough to make a tentative diagnosis.

    My ANA was negative but that's not unusual in the early years of auto-immune illnesses. My sed rate was within "normal" range but high for me personally. It was my CRP which was sky high. So, I have a lot of inflammation. But where? Well, night before last, it became apparent as my pelvic area became swollen and very painful. I saw the gyno yesterday. He thinks it's a local infection and prescribed Flagyl and Bactrim. I also had an internal ultrasound which was painful due to the tenderness. I'm waiting to hear the results of the ultrasound and see whether the ABX take care of the problem. You are right; there is always something going on with us.

    BTW, bacteria, like Lyme and mycoplasmas, can lead to auto-immune illnesses. Try to get the best treatment you can to keep the Lyme in a latent stage and out of your bloodstream. I got this info from Dr. Nicolson himself in an e-mail to me when I was fighting the mycoplasma infection. I pray for us all but sending up a special prayer for healing for you. And, don't be a stranger here.

    Love, Mikie
  7. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks for the info and update.. I too have Sjogren's so the rheumy said but that was before I was dx with lyme. I did see a LLMD but she mainly treats with herbs, seems I do not tolerate abx very well. She does have me on a small dose along with supplements . My CPR was very high also, so was my ANA but sed rate normal so they say.

    The LLMD said I had probably had Lyme for years and she wants to treat the inflammation and build my immune system.. One doc told me I did have an auto-immune disease which could be Sjogren's but feels more is going on.

    I get so confused as one doctor sends me to another and all have different treatments etc.
    Thanks for telling me about keeping the lyme out of my blood stream..I didn't know that.

    So for now I am to take antioxidants, low dose of abx and supplements for inflammation.
    Also on a gluten, sugar and dairy free diet.. I am not 100% with the diet but try. Oh, also the eight essential amino acids.

    I feel CFS, FM , Lyme etc.are all related and attacks our major organs .. I feel there is no cure we have to treat the symptoms and try to help our body function.

    Sorry, you are no longer able to work. I am in the same boat and trying to find out what to do with me when there is so little I can do. I still am on xanax probably always will be. That is the only medicine that I can say has helped me handle this roller coaster disease.

    Oh, how is that grandson of yours, anymore grans?

    Tks. for your prayers, I too will pray for all of us.. Hope your antibiotics work.. I will be back often..


  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Looks like we ARE in the same boat. Sometimes, with these illnesses, we just have to go into survival mode and not expect too much from ourselves.

    When one has chronic infections, the pathogens seem to have the ability to produce excess fibrin in the bloodstream. Platelets get caught up in the fibrin. This provides a safe haven for the pathogens to hide out from the immune system. The enzyme, Nattokinase, is excellent at getting rid of this fibrin. When the pathogens are dumped into the bloodstream, it usually wakes up the immune system and it goes on a killing spree. This, of course, produces a harsh purging as the body gets rid of the dead, toxic pathogens. Even with 2 1/2 yrs. of ABX, it took getting rid of this fibrin to get rid of the mycoplasmas which had been hiding. I called it a mop-up treatment. I actually used Heparin injections but they are no longer available. The Nattokinase is more effective anyway.

    Researchers believe that we acquire autoimmunity in several ways. When the pathogens replicate inside the blood cells, the cells rupture, sending more pathogens into the bloodstream. If these pathogens have a bit of the blood cell's DNA attached to them, the immune system may see its own DNA as foreign. The other theory is that some pathogens have the ability to incorporate the body's DNA in order to hide out in the body. If the immune system gets wise to this, again, it may see its own DNA as foreign. It took so many years for the Sjogren's symptoms to show up that I thought I was out of the woods. WRONG! This has been like a kick in the stomach.

    I do not believe I will be working again. The Sjogren's cut my financial plans and working short but I still feel lucky. I'll just have to do some belt tightening. I am Herxing today so I guess the doc was right--I have some kind of local infection in the pelvic area. Seems we are always prone to infections no matter what.

    I do better when I'm on RichVanK's methylation protocol. I think glutathione is key to our healing. Sending hugs and prayersl.

    Love, Mikie

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