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    do you use that is sal free that is also scent (perfume) free? Boy, the guai people are sort of rigid in a certain way. Did you say some digestive enzymes are ok (for the guai therapy) and some are not? Thanks, the Beckster
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    I suggest that you visit Dr.Amands site and look over his list and also go to Tesas site...International Guai-support....I believe the addy is www.netromall.com/guai.....Her site is loaded with info about sal-free products...sal free ingrediants and so on. I use Head and Shoulders because I have a problem with a dry scalp and one of the Suave conditioners. There are lots of products we can use! I use the Aveeno lotion,face soaps,and body soaps. I changed deodorants.....there are many to choose from. Some people feel overwhemled by the sal thing...personally it has not been a big deal.I think we are just not use to having to stop and read labels or think about what is in the products we use. We also have been made to think that aloe and all natural are so good for us. I reckon the change with the sal products like when I decided to cut sugar out of my diet.....I read every label and was shocked by how it seemed to be in everything...now that was hard! If you still are unsure about a product you can email Claudia at Dr.St.Amands office and she will reply to you. I have felt so fortunate that so many have gone before us in using guai so we actually have it alot easier than the first guai users. Also, make sure and check any supplememts you are using. I actually cut them out for the first three months and am now slowly adding the ones I can use back in. I suppose in the end it is a good thing as we become so much more aware of what we put in and on our bodies. Always ask questions when in doubt....someone usually knows the answer. Also, I have found Tesas site a great gift in both gaining knowledge but also support. Blessings to you and gentle hugs....Kathleen
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    I read an article by Dr. St. A where he states that anything which is washed off is not so critical. I don't worry about my shampoo, conditioner, soap, or liquid soap. I very carefully rinse it off, though.

    I can withstand a certain amount of sals before I have a problem. Not everyone can. Kathleen has given you excellent advice. It is probably better in the beginning to try to use only sal-free products. Rule of thumb is that the cheaper a product is, the less chance it will contain any botanicals, but that doesn't mean it might not contain some sals. The manufacturers only have to say, fragrance, or, coloring, in their list of ingredients.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was under the impression that Aloe Vera was from a plant and that it that type of thing that blocks the Guai--?? There are so many herbs and flowers (plants again) in so many body soaps and lotions and shampoos. Would clear ivory liquid body soap be the safest? I get so confused and reading the labels don't always print all ingredients. I read that if in doubt, call the manufacturer of the products.
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    And type in sal free. It will list sites where they list sal-free products. You still have to read labels because the list are seldom updated and the manufacturers change their ingredients often.

    Aloe vera is a botanical and will block the Guai. Dr. St. Amand's book has a list, in alpha order, of the 1,000 most common botanicals which will block the guai. Take the book with you when you shop.

    Most baby shampoos and soaps do not contain botanicals because babies are often allergic to these things. You can get liquid baby soap.

    Love, Mikie