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    I saw that you at one point said that your HMO would not pay for the blood test. Does your HMO work with Quest Diagnostics (this is the lab that the FFC works with). If so, why can't your doctor request the labs? You may have to convince him or her, but it's worth a shot.
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    At this point, there isn't really an urgency to do the tests. The Doxy is the treatment for Lyme and mycoplasmas and the TF C also targets Lyme. The AV's and the TF's will work on the viruses. Even if one of the pathogens which are the usual suspects in our illnesses were to turn up pos. I would have already been treating it.

    It took months and months to get the OK for the Synvisc injections for my knees. It is horribly frustrating fighting with the HMO. It's easier, and probably just as effective, to treat empirically. From the Herces I have, I know the treatments are working. Cleaning up chronic infections of long standing takes forever and there is the occasional reactivation to deal with.

    I appreciate your concern. It isn't whether the lab can do the test that is the problem. There are only so many tests which can be ordered without first getting them preauthorized. PCR DNA tests fall into that category. There is another good reason to treat empirically. If tests come back with a false neg., the ins. co. might not be willing to pay for treatments. All in all, I'm happy with the results I've been getting.

    Thanks again for your concern.

    Love, Mikie