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    I saw your post re: your surgery. Congratulations! I was intrigued by what you said about the 21/2 hours of oxygen. I had previously been researching an idea on the web re: using this oxygen therapy on an ongoing basis for CFIDS. I have high levels of HHV6a and b. My doctor talked to me about getting hyperbaric oxygen treatment. It costs about $175 per treatment and is far away. So I started thinking about more standard oxygen treatment. Found some sites on the web to rent/buy equipment. Then I read Dr. Cheney's article saying standard oxygen treatment doesn't work. So I put it on the back burner. I'm still intrigued. In June, if I'm well enough I am going to the mountains with my husband for 3 days. I found a company that rents oxygen equipment by the day in that area. I plan to try it and see if I get any changes. I know you said you're trying to figure out exactly what made you better after the hospital stay. Is it possible the oxygen was a contributor?I couldn't find anything credible on the web that referred to "nasal" oxygen helping our types of illnesses--- but I still find myself wondering. Just an intuitive feeling.Any thoughts? Thanks
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    Jelly is using oxygen because she is very sensitive to the Doxycycline, so the oxy helps kill the mycoplasmas, or at least, helps to starve them out. She has found that using a rebreathing bag is the way to go for this kind of treatment. Perhaps she'll be along soon.

    I am fairly convinced now that it's the Famvir which is killing off some Herpes virus which is why I am feeling so well. The oxygen probably just helped it along as it was just the tubes up the nose type.

    Love, Mikie